Hydro Manila brings you the wettest music festivals in the Philippines. AfterParty’s very own Meek Resngit got to sit down and talk with the founders during their Hydro Splashmob party last April 22, 2017 at Splash Island.


Chel Cajucom, the marketing director of Hydro Manila, told us that the core group was formed in 2015. They wanted to incorporate water and good music, hence the name “Hydro.”

“We want to create a bigger picture; integrating music, water and life. That’s why Hydro Manila came up with that theme,” said Chel.

Nick Hernandez, one of the co-founders of Hydro Manila, saw what Chel can do in terms of events management. itself.

Hydro Manila’s Core Members

Chel was then adopted by the other founders of the group namely Nick, Gelvin Hernandez and Gino Lee. They started their first Hydro Manila Music Festival event in the same year.

Chel Cajucom - Hydro Manila

Chel Cajucom – Hydro Manila

Gelvin Hernandez - Hydro Manila

Gelvin Hernandez – Hydro Manila

Gino Lee - Hydro Manila

Gino Lee – Hydro Manila


Nicks Hernandez – Hydro Manila

“We want to give that experience. You’re old enough. You can dance and sing in the rain with your friends with good music…We want to bring back that feeling,” said Nick.

Colleges and universities have also noticed how fun Hydro’s music festivals were. Hydro Manila then created a sub-brand called Drizzle which makes campus tours nationwide.

Hydro Manila is also planning to start Hydro Fiesta, their sub-brand for provincial tours. Their first stop is Pampanga in June 2017.

Hydro Pampanga is Next

Catch their next big event at the upcoming Hydro Laboracay 2017 which starts April 29 and ends April 30 at Henann Regency Resort & Spa. Get wet two days in a row while listening to some of the best DJs and MCs in the Philippines.

Of course, get to connect with other Splashmob members and partygoers with Hydro Manila’s official partner app, AfterParty which is now available at the Google Play Store.

Watch our whole Hydro Splashmob Party with the interviews below: