Today is the day when all hell will break loose on Manila as American Heavy Metal Band Slayer performs for the first time ever in the Philippines.

But Metal fans were shookt, furious even, when PULP Live World, the promoter of the show, posted the prohibited items and actions for the concert that would be held at KIA Theatre.

Included in the list are the usual no professional cameras, no dangerous items, no outside food etc., but what caught everyone’s attention is the no moshing or crowd surfing rule.


No moshing or crowd surfing on a metal concert; and not just any concert, it’s Slayer!

Might As Well Put Chairs and Tables

Slayer fans took to social media their frustrations at PULP as they have waited a long time for this and even decades for some! A disappointed fan wrote in the comments that he’s just gonna sell his VIP ticket and another wrote that this isn’t a Kpop band for them to prohibit moshing and crowd surfing.

Things escalated quickly when posted an article about it that has been shared around on Facebook. Well it sucks, right? It’s Slayer and you don’t get to mosh?

Barking At The Wrong Dog

However, it seems like these fans are barking at the wrong dog and blaming PULP for nothing. Earlier today, Vernon Go, PULP Live World head honcho, posted in the comment section that the rules actually came from Slayer management.

He said that “I think what the band do not want to see if people violently shoving other people.”

Here’s a screen grab:

vernon go of pulp

See? Also back in 2015 at their show at Iron City in Alabama, Slayer also allegedly put up a rule of no moshing and crowd surfing but took it down after fan outcry.

It seems like Slayer puts up these rules just to remind people to mosh responsibly and not tolerate violence on the pit. Either way, go rock yourselves out tonight because Slayer is still fucking Slayer. PULP worked hard for this just for Filipinos to enjoy the show.

Slayer in Manila will be held at KIA Theatre in Cubao. Gates open at 6pm and show starts at 8.

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