Shanti Dope premiered the music video for his single “Nadarang” earlier this week! We caught up with the rapper and other figures in the local hip-hop scene and caught all the action.

A Crammed Night

The poster announced the opening of doors at 9:00PM, and sure enough the parking space in front of CORE was already packed with people waiting to get in. Ron Henley and Loonie went up first as solo artists, followed by a tandem performance as Stick Figgas. Gloc-9, Shanti Dope’s mentor and long-time icon, followed through with a longer set and readied the crowd for his protégé. To get them even more excited, a chant of “Shan-ti-Dope” echoed the club, giving a warm welcome to the young rapper.

Ron Henley live at CORE Night Club

Loonie live at CORE Night Club

Gloc 9 live at CORE Night Club

Upon Shanti Dope’s appearance on the stage, the crowd pushed forward to get as close as they could. At only 16 years old, it’s surreal to hear a jammed nightclub rap along with almost every syllable that came out of his mouth. “Nadarang” proved to be his most popular song with off-key singing/screaming nearly overtaking his performance. He explained that the inspiration for the track came from putting himself in the shoes of the friends he surrounds himself with. Once the music video started playing on the LED screens above the DJ booth, all eyes were glued to clips of Shanti fussing over his female lead. The video is yet to be released on video streaming websites.

Shanti Dope live at CORE Night Club

Shanti Dope live at CORE Night Club

As per the celebration of CORE’s #GroupHugTuesdays, our very own DJ X-Factor, Marc Marasigan, and David Ardiente alongside MC Victor Pring kept the party going. It was, after all, a celebration for Shanti!

X-Factor at CORE Night Club

Victor Pring at CORE Night Club

Skills, Talent, and Burning Passion

Shanti Dope is a feisty character on stage. He attacks the audience with intricate rhymes and his punchy flow, exuding the fervency of his art. When he’s not busy with a mic in his hands, however, Shanti is one of the most modest artists you’ll meet; he proves to us that the sudden influx of popularity hasn’t messed with his head. All he wants to do is continue creating music and he feels more than blessed to be able to work with his idols-turned-friends. Shanti ends his performance with a thank you and the words “peace and love,” appropriate for moniker.

Shanti Dope live at CORE Night Club

There was an overwhelming support for Shanti that night with his opening acts and fellow hip-hop artist Abra hyping him up. As older figures in the scene, they all agree that tagging Shanti as the future of Filipino hip-hop is more than fitting. He’s got the skills, talent, and burning passion to be the next archetype of local music. Ron Henley event went as far to say that Shanti will win a Grammy in the future, and we don’t doubt that at all.

Make sure you catch Shanti Dope the next time he’s in your area. That might be your last chance to see him at an intimate gig! The boy wonder’s got a bright future ahead of him.

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