Score Goodies from HEARTLESS PH and SneakPeek

We’ve partnered up local streetwear brands for some goodies! Stand a chance to score hot merch from HEARTLESS PH, kicks from SneakPeek, and more. Check it out below!

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Masterminds Rocky Ramos and Victor Pring wanted to stray from the norms of streetwear. As more and more brands popped up, they wanted their name to have a story. HEARTLESS PH takes pride in their “cold” and “snobby” designs. Rocky and Victor aren’t afraid to get real with their followers—they’re here to break down society’s pre-conceived notions of the labels we idolize. Their stamping of “Fuck” on their Supreme and Pablo tees is a statement of breaking free from the mind control these tags have put us under.

HEARTLESS PH released their second wave of designs in mid-July. “VICTIM” showcases a compass in the front that signifies “the search”. Everyone is on their own life path and our meaning in life outweighs the value we have for money.

On the back, the “Elements of Happiness” are stitched to portray how the privileged look for happiness in things that ultimately harm them. The paradox of a person’s search in their life’s meaning are carefully sewed with every thread in each shirt.

Their “BULLY” hoodie is an ode to the misfits and the visionaries who choose to stand out. After all, the hoodie does say “To The Kids Who Never Fit In, That’s Why We Stand Out.


After working with New Balance Philippines to present Beta Night PH, SneakPeek is back at it.

Get ready to win a pair of fresh kicks from this multi-branded lifestyle store! If lady luck isn’t on your side, don’t you worry because SneakPeek’s bragging rights include art pieces that contribute to your desired footwear, and access to exclusive designs not easily available elsewhere. Whatever pair you need, SneakPeek’s got it for you.

Coppin’ the Merch

So now you’re probably thinking, “Damn, how do I get my hands on all this free stuff?”

Well, it’s simple. All you gotta do is be there at the biggest back-to-college party of the year! On top of a bangin’ lineup, we’ll be giving these goodies away during What’s Your Cool on August 26. Remember what they say—ya snooze, ya lose!

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