Instead of going back to our usual daily commute battle, let’s help save Angkas. The Save Angkas Movement is upon us and it’s in our hands to take control of the streets once more! No more traffic, save Angkas, y’all!

We won’t be stopped! Angkas has been everyone’s buddy and savior from the heavy Metro Manila traffic. So we can’t just let them cease operations. No way! Save Angkas, who’s with me?

Just recently, Angkas announced in their social media accounts that the Supreme Court released a Temporary Restraining Order for their operations. If you remembered, they had a court appeal to continue Angkas operations. But it was like a fleeting moment of success. With the TRO up, hundreds and thousands of commuters had to face the always heavy traffic every single day. And it has gone from bad to worse because of the holidays coming up as well. Also, more than 25,000 Angkas bikers whose livelihood are at risk because of the TRO.

But Angkas, the company, it’s employees and riders, are hopeful that eventually, it will be saved from the possible discontinuation. With that in mind, Angkas has started the #SaveAngkas Movement and petition that will help legitimize the motorcycle taxi operations.

Despite the TRO, they still continue to provide service to all commuters out there. Seems like a risky move to make, now that the government is upon their tails. But the company can’t ignore the pleas of Angkas users, now that the holiday season has started. They even apologized for the sudden increase of the fare because of the heavy holiday traffic we’re experiencing. In an Angkas Twitter thread, they enumerated the reasons for the increase to inform their patrons of what’s happening. Talk about transparency, right? (Check it out, guys, it’s damn funny yet informative!)

Unity Ride and #SaveAngkas petition

Angkas riders and patrons even held their unity ride last December 15. Even Angkas CEO, Angela Tham, was present to unite everyone for their stand.

Of course, Angkas started the petition to save them and legalize their operations. They are targeting 150,000 signs and as of now, it’s over 123,000! Angkas ambassadors, patrons, and riders have been sharing their love, support, and testimonies about Angkas. It has been a real game changer that everyone is helping to legalize the motorcycle taxi service.

They have also been texting and sending out SOS messages to their patrons. Normally, they send out promos via text but the SOS text gave awareness of what’s happening to our favorite Angkas. Personally, I laughed because their message was so damn witty and kinda crazy.

Aside from that, there will also be a thanksgiving concert from Angkas on December 22 at the Quezon City Circle Mainstage. So if you want to support your favorite motorcycle taxi-hailing app, then be there! Check the details of the concert here! Remember, the concert is FREE!

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So what are you waiting for? Sign the petition now! You can sign the petition here!

Are you feeling the heavy holiday traffic? Missing Angkas and their reliable service? Sign now to join the Save Angkas Movement! Let us know your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh