It’s that time of the year again when a community of people who wear round-glasses and vintage jackets, come together for the 6th annual Satchmi Vinyl Day. Last June 16th, at The Green Sun Hotel in Makati. They had the biggest discounts on turntables and records; and mind you — you won’t find at any other time in the year to have such big discounts.

Aside from vintage vinyl records, they also sold disposable cameras and wardrobe from Customthread. But the best bit (Let’s not forget) is the killer heavy line-up of musical acts who performed. We have Sandwich, Ben & Ben, Quest, Taken By Cars, BP Valenzuela, She’s Only Sixteen, Carousel Casualties, Ourselves The Elves, Flying Ipis, Lions & Acrobats, and Munimuni.

What went down

Doors opened around 12 noon, and the place was already jam-packed with people eager to get discounts on vinyl records and get wasted on the overflowing beer and Jack Daniel’s (who has their own their own booth).

You would usually characterize the hipster, vintage-loving crowd as a dead audience when it comes to events or gigs, but that was not the case in this event. Everyone was full of energy during the musical performances, most probably because they were out-of-their-wits drunk and wasted, especially as the night went on. One of the first few acts to step on stage was Flying Ipis; they amongst all helped shift this dead crowd to a fun and  wild audience. Radically so , when front-woman, Deng Garcia engaged them to chant “Tang-Ina Mo!” repeatedly.

Headliner band, Sandwich absolutely brought the house down with their wild and intense set. The crowd was moshing and singing to their songs like it’s their national anthem. They performed their classic songs like Sugod, Sunburn and Betamax.

There was even a point where Raimund Marasigan (Sandwich’s front-man) climbed the stage to the bars of the ceiling and was hanging there like a monkey. Other bands had a fun set as well, like Lions & Acrobats and She’s Only Sixteen. Ben&Ben as usual, energizes the crowd like no other, with their eclectic performance.

Overall, the event was definitely a success with people walking out tipsy and drained but happy. From the crowd, to the artists, and to the media people, everybody partied like there was no tomorrow.