ROMS (Reflections on Music and Sound)

BuwanBuwan Collective hosts ROMS (Reflections on Music and Sound) last June 20th at XX XX. It is a series of talks and workshops, along with Live Beatmaker Cypher and Ableton Link Improv Orchestra.

What went down

The workshops consisted of talks from Raimund Marasigan (Sandwich, Pedicab, Squid 9), where he shared about how to make a living as a musician in the Philippines. Similar Objects talked about music sampling and taking elements of sound from just about anything and anywhere. Pocholo Hermosa (15D Records. Yolanda Moon), went into the deeper principles and philosophies about mixing and mastering. AVENEESH (Babani Records, Midnight Shift, electrocaïne), in his workshop, talked about video mapping and how to synchronize the audio into the live visuals. He also explained about his influences in music and how he takes samples with no genre boundary.

After the workshops, there was the Live Beatmaking Cypher, where the participants were given random descriptions, like Sad Anime Music or Headbopper, and they had to combine all those and produce beats within 30 minutes, then they will have everyone listen to what each participant had created. Similar Objects, Raimund Marasigan, and James Ussher took part at this cypher, and showed their skills in making such intricate beats in a short amount of time.

The beatmakers then gathered together for the Ableton Link Improv Orchestra, where it was like an open jam session but using laptops and controllers as an instrument. The musical output of this jam session somehow encapsulates all the different influences of each producer and created a fresh new sound while still highlighting each individual’s roots.

This was overall, a very intimate event where the crowd was just open to learn and observe the music, which was ideally the goal of ROMS, To provoke a deeper understanding on the art of music and sound and bring creative exchanges that combine different roots and ideas to create sound.

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