Brian Imanuel, better known as Rich Chigga, will be realizing one of his lifelong dreams, to tour in the United States of America. He dropped the information on his social media recently. He’ll be hitting up 5 cities: Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Miami, and Todd Mission.

The internet was such a huge influence on Brian Imanuel. When he first went online, he wasn’t proficient in English. After watching videos about Rubik’s cube solving techniques and cinematography on YouTube, he quickly started to learn the language. He recalls going online in the early hours of morning just to talk to his internet friends on the other side of the globe. Rapping also helped him learn English, since he said he had trouble speaking quickly.

Dat $tick

The 17 year old Indonesian rapper got his start on the internet. His music video, “Dat $tick”, grabbed the attention of people from both hemispheres. The video shows Rich Chigga wearing what could be one of the strangest outfits a rapper has ever worn. His pink polo shirt, khaki shorts, and fanny pack are iconic. His posse are a stark contrast to him; they’re wearing all black. At first glance, this video seems like just another meme, but Rich Chigga has real skills in rapping.

Even international artists have taken notice of this young Indonesian rapper! Cam’ron put it best when he said that, “I see the comedic side of all this, but what he’s spitting is dope …His flow was tough.” Ghostface Killa, one of the hiphop artists in the reaction video, worked with Pouya to make a great remix of Dat $tick.

Internet Fame

Local artists can’t get enough of the extremely funny and talented Rich Chigga. Joyce Pring, Victor Pring, Jess Connelly, Elmo Magalona, and Curtismith, and a lot more local artists follow him on social media. Who wouldn’t though, with internet gold like this:

Euls, a local sticker maker, got a little shoutout on his instagram. They made a rapper heads set which included Rich Chigga. You can read up on more cool local sticker artists here!

Who He Be

The reason why Rich Chigga is as big as he is now is because of his sense of humor. His comedy, like his music, is sprinkled with irony that netizens just love. He was influenced by the internet, and now he influences it. If you haven’t heard Rich Chigga’s music yet, then do yourself a favor and go to his SoundCloud.  You won’t regret it.

Do you think Rich Chigga should tour the world? Because we think so!