Reliving The Rest Is Noise: Summer Noise 2018

Over the weekend we were graced with some of the finest independent acts of the region with The Rest Is Noise: Summer Noise. Making this one of their biggest and most ambitious show to date with regional headliners Permanence from Singapore, The Sleeves from Hong Kong/England, and electronic artist X0890 from Thailand, playing alongside some of the best artists in the scene.

Permanence, Singapore (c) Henri Villegas

The Rest is Noise has gained its own following by producing well curated gigs in small venues, which has substantially grown to fill up their new home at Century City Mall in Makati. Some of the night’s notable acts are IV of Spades, who recently announced the departure of vocalist Unique Salonga earlier that day. I have never heard a crowd that went all out, as they kept on screaming all the words to every song the band played, at get this, a mid-sized venue.

Muni Muni, Philippines (c) Henri Villegas

Uprising’s all-star roster (Kemikal Ali, Dj Arbie Won, KJah, DJ Antsdru, Apoc, DJ Nicko, BLKD, UMPH, Supreme Fist, Juss Rye, Emar Industriya, Plazma The Demented, Illustrado [Batas, Sayadd, Goriong Talas, and Apo Lerma], Kartel, and Zaito) with their select pieces, and delivered the longest set that night and set the venue on fire.

She’s only Sixteen , Philippines (c) Henri Villegas
The Sleeves , Hong Kong (c) Henri Villegas

Despite releasing their last album (and EP) almost two years ago, there is no denying the connection Dicta License’s music had with their fans. Something that was definitely felt as they delivered their set that night, with vocalist Pochoy Labog blurring that distance from stage to crowd as he joins the crowd whilst performing.

Uprising, Philippines (c) Henri Villegas

Singapore’s Permanence was a definite treat for people who are fans of post rock, and the rest who would be hearing their music during that time. Despite the technical difficulties, which was filled with impromptu jokes and brief stories by their guitarist, they delivered a powerful and moving set that had the crowd’s cheers intensify with each and every song.

MuniMuni, a well loved folk band may have mellowed the music down with their makata pop jams, but it certainly did keep the warm happy energy going as people sang and swayed along to every song. It was easy to see how and why they were one of the artists in the lineup that people looked forward to.

After a series of chill acts, Cebu’s Tiger Pussy brought the energy up again with their infectious punk rock that had people moshing in no time.

X0890, Thailand (c) Henri Villegas

Closing the night was Thailand’s X0890 and their electronic music that’s hard not to dance to. At one point during her set, she even remixed her vocals live! There was no better way to wind down than this. It definitely breathed life back into me, ready for another week of corporate life.

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