Reese Lansangan wows us again with her “Go Online” lyric video that she directed and edited herself. It shows that she’s talented beyond just her voice and the guitar.

We all know Reese as one of the most prominent indie OPM artists in the country. She has also worked in collaborations with Jensen in the previous months.

Reese and Multimedia

Now, Reese shows off her multimedia talent with the new “Go Online” lyric video. One major factor why she has many talents is because she is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at the Ateneo de Manila University.

The “Go Online” music video has the lyrics superimposed much like a subtitle, but some lines are highlighted with stylized inserts. For instance, go online is highlighted by Reese’s shot of her keyboard with the “O” and “L” letters colored in post.

What I like about the video even more is that it’s far from the typical lyric vids found on YouTube today. Most are just filled with motion graphics instead of actual creative shots.

Waiting for Crushes to Go Online

Reese’s drawings and animations are also shown in the music video. She chose to go with chalk outlines which suits the feel of “Go Online”. Even though the lyrics tell the story of the digital world and social media.

“But won’t you please go online?

Since we barely see each other, is it such a bother

To just send me a message”

Don’t we all wait for our crushes to go online? Sometimes it’s even painful to see that green icon only to see it go off again after we send them a message. What’s even worse is being seenzoned.

“Go Online” is part of Reese’s “Arigato, Internet!” album which is available on Spotify and iTunes. Can we expect more creative and colorful music videos from the multi-faceted visual and musical artist?