Indie OPM lovers will surely get a kick out of the Red Ninja Year 8 Fest happening on April 22, 2017 at B-Side, The Collective in Makati. Typecast, SUD and Milesexeperience are just 3 out of the 24 bands that will be playing at the event.

Red Ninja Production has been putting massive efforts to highlight independent artists and bands in the country. If you are a fan of obscure and hipster stuff, you should probably go to the Red Ninja Year 8 Fest. Take photos, videos and post them on social networks with the hashtag #RedNinjaYear8Fest.

“Year 8 will be different from the past two mini-fests we had in 2016.  I’m really excited about our lineup. We curated a mix of new and old bands to make sure everyone enjoys the event,” Nicole Sarmiento, Red Ninja Production founder, told When In Manila.

Here is a full list of the bands that will be playing at the event:



Tom’s Story

Jensen & the Flips

Banna Harbera

Shadow Moses


The Riot Act


Run Dorothy

Tonight We Sleep


Tandems ’91



Lions & Acrobats

Runway Crimes

Over October


Fools & Foes

Rob & the Hitmen


Reese Lansangan

Tickets are still available on the event venue itself but it will cost PHP 500. You can still get one for PHP 450 with a T-shirt here which will be available until April 21, noon.

More event details can be found here. The Red Ninja Year 8 Fest gates open up 2PM but the event starts 3:00 PM. The first band to play will be Banna Harbera while the last one will be Jensen & The Flips.

Check out Red Ninja Production’s Facebook page for more details as well. See you at the Red Ninja Year 8 Fest!