Red Ninja will be having their Year Ender Fest for 2017 on December 2, 2017 at the B-Side Collective in Makati. Get ready for a smorgasbord of music.

Just like in the previous years, Red Ninja will bring the largest names in the indie OPM industry. If you are looking to hear what our fellow countrymen has to offer, the Red Ninja Year Ender Fest is the best gig there is that exhibits their raw talent.

2017 Year Ender Band List

ASSEMBLY GENERALS – Known for “Sakalawakan” and “Kontrabida.”
BEN&BEN – Known for “Tinatangi” and “Dahilan.”
CHEATS – Known for “Crumbles” and “Talk.”
JENSEN & THE FLIPS – Known for “Borrowed” and “Slow.”
KEIKO NECESARIO – Known for “Away from the Current” and the new “Highway.”
LIONS & ACROBATS – Known for “The Artist” and “Points & Perspective.”
MILESEXPERIENCE – Known for “Love Supreme” and “Sunshine.”
OVER OCTOBER – Known for “Lovestruck” and “Arbitrary.”
PERYODIKO – Known for “Tayo Lang Ang May Alam” and “Di Na Tayo Magmamadali.”
REESE LANSANGAN – Known for “Home” and “Exploration No. 5.” She also collaborated with Franco for Coke Studio PH Season 1.
ROB & THE HITMEN – Known for “Burn to Ashes” and “One Night Boogie.”
RUN DOROTHY – Known for “Frontiers” and “Ghosts.”
RUNWAY CRIMES – Known for “Maybe in Another World” and “Skies.”
SANDWICH – Known for “Sugod” and “Kagulo.” They also collaborated with B.P. Valenzuela for Coke Studio PH Season 1.
SUD – Known for “Sila” and “Di Makatulog.”
THESUNMANAGER – Known for “In Darkness” and “Secrets.”
THE RIOT ACT – Known for “Amnesia” and “Tawag ng Kalikasan.”
TOM’S STORY – Known for “Mugatu” and “Anchors.”
IV OF SPADES – Known for “Hey Barbara” and “Ilaw sa Daan.”

Surprise Band: Ang Bandang Shirley – Known for “Umaapaw” and “Maginhawa.”

Red Ninja Year Ender Fest 2017 Tickets

Tickets are available here. Facebook event page can be found here.

Ticket Bundle A: One (1) Ticket = PHP 450

Ticket Bundle B: Three (3) Tickets = PHP 1200

Ticket Bundle C: Five (5) Tickets = PHP 1875

Ticket Bundle D: Seven (7) Tickets PHP 2450

The Red Ninja Year Ender Fest will not be complete without the awesome shirts with the lineup at the back. Thankfully, they are now also on sale!

The shirt for the Red Ninja Year Ender Fest 2017

Shirt Bundle A: One (1) Ticket and One (1) Shirt = PHP 1000

Shirt Bundle B: Three (3) Tickets and Three (3) Shirts = PHP 2,900

Shirt Bundle C: Five (5) Tickets and Five (5) Shirts = PHP 4600

Shirt Bundle D: Seven (7) Tickets and Seven (7) Shirts = PHP 5900

Who are you excited to see at the annual year ender fest by Red Ninja this year?