During the recent months, SB19 has been tirelessly performing for A’TINS through their Get in the Zone Nationwide Concert.

So if you are an A’TIN who happened to miss the chance to see them, here are some more details of what really went down during the Manila leg of SB19’s concert. 

SB19 Get in the Zone Concert in Manila (1)

They are total performers, talented artists and humble individuals — they are SB19. With their sudden boom and success in the local music industry because of their viral dance hit “Go Up”, these 5 guys have been able to capture the hearts of many Filipinos and even foreigners as well. And now that they have released their new single “Alab“, the A’TIN fandom just keeps getting bigger and bigger every second.

It comes as no shock though, because we have personally seen how dedicated they are to their craft and how their bodies burn with passion for what they do. Because thankfully before 2019 ended, we were able to see the boys perform live when we attended the Manila leg of SB19’s Get in the Zone nationwide concert which was held in Cuneta Astrodome last December 28, 2019.

SB19 on redefining the P-pop genre

Before the concert even started however, we had the chance to personally see the boys during the press conference. Of course, we were in quite a small space because the room was only exclusive for selected media people. So, you could imagine how we were feeling just from being in the same small room as Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken and Justin.

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Going back though when it was our turn, we told the boys how A’TINS would claim that SB19 is “redefining” P-pop. We asked them their individual thoughts on it, but somehow they gave answers that are consistent with the rest of the group.

On redefining P-pop, SB19 humbly feels that they really are not the ones to say if they are indeed on the path to shaping the local genre. As they have passionately told us, it was the fans, the A’TINS, or the general audience who would get to decide. After all, they just want to share their talent and their music–it was up to us to say if they really are revolutionizing pop in our local music industry.

Obviously though, they really are – along with other Filipino musicians – helping P-pop grow into something that would be considered world-class. However, we also want to know your thoughts on this. Do you think SB19 is redefining P-pop and why so? Let us know through the comments below!

Powerful performances from SB19

Finally when it was time for the concert, we were given permission to roam anywhere we wanted to take photos. We had seats reserved but hell, who would want to miss the chance to take photos of SB19? So of course, we proceeded to position ourselves just near the front of the stage, where we snapped photos of them as they performed.

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We kid you not, the whole Cuneta Astrodome went wild as SB19 got up on the stage and performed their hit “Go Up” as their opening song. For us, it was just really phenomenal watching them perform live in front of us. You could watch them move their bodies passionately as they sing, and their vocals were stable af!

After that, they went on to perform their individual stages which were all awesome. Justin sang “Paano Na Kaya?” in acapella; Ken played the guitar while he serenaded us all with “Best Part”; Stell charmed the crowd as he brought an A’TIN onstage while singing to her; Josh intensely danced to “The Greatest Show” and; Sejun performed his original song “Kumunoy” with a burning passion.

Alab (Burning), Love Goes, and other songs from their upcoming album

After their individual stages, they all came back to perform together. Of course, what else would they fire up the crowd with other than their newest single, “Alab (Burning)“? It was the first time that they have performed it live – with the dance steps – and as a part of the blue crowd, we were just super thrilled!

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When they finished performing their newest dance hit, they proceeded to perform more songs from their upcoming “Get in the Zone” album. So fortunately, we also saw them perform “Love Goes” and “Hanggang sa Huli”. To spoil y’all, here are more photos we took of the guys while they were talking and fooling around.

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A lot more happened after that – a small role-play, some covers of K-pop songs, them fooling around more. And frankly, watching SB19’s concert is an experience that we would remember all our lives. In fact, we went home that day just filled with fond memories. They are just really amazing and we know, they will become even bigger–and they rightfully deserve it.

What do you think of this article? Also, what are your thoughts on SB19’s sudden boom in the local music industry? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.