The memorable Maskipaps: The Crossover 2018 has gotta be the best Maskipaps there is yet! Missed out? I gotchu! Here’s what went down last December 14!

Missed the memorable Maskipaps: The Crossover 2018? BOO! The music fest was a huge success that no one should’ve missed! More than 14,000 people came to the University of the Philippines Sunken Garden last December 14. It was truly night filled with OPM music and sick beats!

And of course, we have a recap for you right here!

Rain or shine, the Maskipaps 2018 continued! It was definitely a #WeMakeItRain music festival that hyped everyone up. Together with Hydro Manila and Raveolution, it was surely a night filled with fun, dancing, and jumping!

The UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity and Super Awesome Productions together with Afterparty, UDOU, and YFPH lived up to their promise of rave night to remember!

Maskipaps: The Crossover 2018

First up on stage was the female duo called Everyday People who started the night with their sick beats. Followed by the performances of Better Days and Gracenote. Solo artists Al James and Because was there as well to hype everyone up with their very maangas songs!

Big bands also graced the stage! Who knew that these OPM bands’ music could be flared up by the wet and wild party, huh?

Silent Sanctuary

Silent Sanctuary was first among the big bands to perform at the Maskipaps 2018. Attendees of the event sang along to their famous hits such as ‘Pasensya Ka Na’ and ‘Sayo.’ It wasn’t only memorable for the attendees, but for the band members as well!

Luckily, we got to chat with Silent Sanctuary band members Sarkie and Anjo. Watch it right here:

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December Avenue

After Silent Sanctuary’s performance, we have December Avenue! Thank goodness for a rave event or else attendees might just cry during their performance lol! Because who wouldn’t with their songs ‘Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw‘ and ‘Kahit ‘Di Mo Alam’, right?

Have you seen our interview with the band’s vocalist? If not, check it out now!

Despite being in a rush, December Avenue‘s Zel Bautista was kind enough to entertain some of our questions. Read about it right here!


The second to the last band was Ben&Ben! This band truly made 2018 their year and there’s no mystery why. Their songs ‘Kathang Isip’ and ‘Maybe The Night’ are just two of their songs that showcased their quality music.

We were also able to talk to the band after their performance! Watch it now:

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IV of Spades

Who knew that IV of Spade‘s disco songs could actually be performed live in a rave event? Well, they surely pulled it off! Everyone was getting wild and crazy while singing to their chart-topping songs like ‘Hey Barabara’! To top it off, there was even a fireworks display!

After running with the members to dodge their fans (sorry guys but you were just sooo many!), we had an interview with IV of Spades!

It was really fun talking with Zild, Blaster, and Badjao! Read our article about our interview with them right here.

Marc Marasigan x Victor Pring

Of course, starting the other side of the Maskipaps 2018 was none other than DJ Marc Marasigan and Victor Pring! Defintely a duo to watch out for, don’t you think? They gave such sick beats that officially jumpstarted the bomb night! Their set was followed by the Manila Bomb Squad and the Fluokids.

All in all, Maskipaps: The Crossover 2018 was a very wet, wild, and lit night. We bet you all couldn’t wait what Maskipaps 2019 has in store for you guys!

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