2019 was definitely SB19’s breakout year, but as 2020 begins, there is no stopping these talented boys from going up! Here are the things we learned during the SB19 ‘Alab’ Press Conference a few hours ago!

Right before 2019 ended, SB19 begun their nationwide concert and released their third single entitled ‘Alab (Burning)‘. Which honestly slated our burning desire up for a bigger and a much brighter year ahead for them. SB19 also launched their most awaited music video for ‘Alab (Burning)’ last night! It is good to note that in just 24 hours, the MV reached 660k views as of writing!

Check out the music video right HERE:

SB19 ‘Alab’ Press Conference

SB19 ‘Alab’ Press Conference was held earlier this afternoon at Novotel Hotel. The Main Producer/Chairman of ShowBT Philippines Corp. or most notably known as “Tatang Robin” to most along with ShowBT’s CEO Charles Kim, shared with us some pretty big announcements for 2020. The big updates and news are for both ShowBT and SB19.

Exciting Addition to ShowBT

We should all watch out for their new branding called “SBTown“! which is a new component that will aid ShowBT in their efforts to level-up the P-pop scene here in our country. We should also stay tuned as well as for a girl group counterpart of SB19 from the SB Talent Camp! To keep it short, last year, there were a total of 18 trainees under ShowBT amongst thousands who auditioned; but they aren’t stopping there! The overall goal of the Korean management group is to have over 20 trainees this year!

Other Updates, wait, a show with SB19?

Yes, you’ve heard it right! There will also be a ShowBT x AsiaNovela Channel partnership. With “AJA AJA AJA Season 3” transferring from TV5 to its new home. We can also note that SB19 will be a special guest on the show hosted by none other than Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan.

1st Full Album: Get in the Zone

We’ve been seeing your questions, A’TINs! And yes, we are finally getting a full album from SB19 and its called ‘Get in the Zone‘! The songs in the album contain the four emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, and joy.

Here is the list of songs for their first-ever album:

– Tilaluha

– Go Up

– Alab (Burning)

– Hanggang sa Huli

– Love Goes

– Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Noo

Such an exciting year, right? Expect the album to be out in March or April under Sony Music, we know you’d be counting down the days!

And for those who are asking, according to our interview with Tatang Robin, they are planning for a music video for ‘Hanggang sa Huli’ and ‘Love Goes’! So better be ready!

He also shared with us that the reason they decided to work with Sony Music was that they could help their goal for SB19 to not only be known in the Philippines but worldwide.

SB19 Free Encore Concert and 2nd Nationwide Tour

After their very much successful Manila Leg for their 1st Nationwide Concert at Cuneta Astrodome last December 28, expect a much bigger concert venue for SB19 this year to accommodate more A’TINs! The target venues are Araneta Coliseum, Mall of Asia Arena, and Cuneta Astrodome. And no worries because it will be a FREE encore concert!

The 1st nationwide concert of SB19 is still ongoing but there’s already a plan for the 2nd one! Target beginning date of their 2nd nationwide concert is from December 2020 until the 1st quarter of 2021, and the plan is to make it free yet again with the help of their sponsors.

SB19 x K-Pop Collaboration

According to Tatang Robin during the press conference, there is no K-Pop group better than SB19. This is in reference to how fast SB19 made it to the Billboard charts! SB19, on the other hand, shared that if they want to do a collaboration with a K-Pop group, it will be with none other than the biggest group and their idol, BTS.

During our interview with Tatang Robin, he shares that he is open for SB19 to collaborate with any local artists as long as their musical talents would emphasize the strengths of SB19. He mentioned Sarah Geronimo and Vice Ganda to name a few, while for international artists, on the other hand, he mentioned ITZY and Blackpink as his main choices.

The meaning behind the ‘Alab (Burning)’ Music Video

A lot of theories regarding the music video for ‘Alab (Burning)’ have been circulating online! So it’s time to find out from the boys themselves on what is really the meaning behind the colors they have and their solo set production or their “zone”.


Josh shares to us that the red color best represents him because of his dominant personality. He loves being in control. And as someone who doesn’t like being controlled, he still admits that love has the capability to control him. This explains the red ropes in his zone—it represents how love bounds and contains him, and at the same time showing his annoyance over the fact that being in love has power over a dominant person like him and he can’t seem to escape it.


The box in Ken’s zone or set production represents his comfort zone. He’s not a vocal person because he doesn’t like being vulnerable or coming off as weak when it comes to rejections and disappointments. But when it comes to love, he realizes that you have to get out of that box or destroy it in order to express what you feel towards the person because there’s no other way to get the girl.


When the director was searching for the boys’ personalities for the music video, they found out that Justin is a Multimedia Arts student. They wanted to portray him in the solo set production as an artist, to show off his passion. That’s why in his zone, there are numerous frames, telling that he is showing off different kinds of personalities and emotions in the music video. He was trying to figure out who he has to be in order to get the girl but in the end, he realizes he only has to be himself.


Stell’s color is yellow because of his personality—he’s a ray of sunshine according to his fans, someone who is vocal, talkative, and showy. That’s why his zone is filled with the color yellow, which represents happiness and who he is as an individual. In his zone, he was running around a maze. Some may think he’s looking for love, but as a matter of fact, he was seeking for the answer on what he could do for love to last. Stell admits that he’s the type of person who gives his all when it comes to love. And he wanted to figure out if giving all the love that you could is enough, or if there’s something bigger that you could give for it to stay.


Sejun, on the other hand, chose the color violet because it is the hottest in the color palette of a flame. The leader of SB19 shares that his zone and what he did in the MV somehow represents his personality but not fully. He even admits that he was actually cringing with what he was doing! (But we A’TINs loved every second of it, didn’t we?) Sejun also explained that the music video is up to the viewer’s imagination—whether you interpret it as love for music, for family or for passion. What the story of the MV is up to you!

The overall MV production

When asked what their contributions were in the music video of ‘Alab (Burning)‘, Sejun explains that every time someone gives an idea, the rest follows and branches out. The colors, on the other hand, was Tatang Robin’s idea and concept. They also had mood boards in order to fully decipher the personality they wanted to showcase in the music video.

Tatang Robin, who created the overall concept for the ‘Alab (Burning)’ music video, shares how it differs from the MV of ‘Go Up’. ‘Alab (Burning)’ MV showcases the personalities of the members of SB19, more beauty shots, and more captivating set productions.

The favorite and most challenging part of the MV

Sejun shares that his favorite part as a group was when they were dancing on water because of the complexity of the shoot and how beautiful it turned out. His solo part is also his favorite because of how beautiful the set production was. The hardest part for him was enduring the lack of sleep because they’ve shot the music video for almost 28 hours. The same thing goes for Justin as he tries to rest when it’s not yet his turn to shoot so he was only half asleep so as to be ready then it’s his turn. Justin then shares that his favorite part is actually the behind the scenes of their dancing on the water part, as they enjoy and play in between takes.

The hardest part for Ken was during his solo when he had to execute his tumbling numerous times to be in perfect sync as the box gets destroyed. And of course, it’s undeniably his favorite part as well because he worked really hard for that scene. The most challenging part for Stell was following the directions on how to act and do what he was told during his solo parts while in his zone. His favorite part in the music video was when they were dancing on water because of the impact of it together with his high notes part. Lastly, Josh struggles is the same with Sejun and Justin because it’s pretty hard to give your best when you lack sleep and full rest (but he did great, yeah?!). His favorite part in the production is also the scene when they were dancing on water because of the fun they had during takes. On the music video itself, his favorite part was his zone, when he was surprised as he watches himself act out emotions that he doesn’t remember doing.

Too much to handle?

So many revelations and announcements earlier for the SB19 ‘Alab’ Press Conference, huh? We all better brace ourselves because 2019 was big, but it is already evident that 2020 is going to be much bigger!

How do you feel after reading our recap of the SB19 ‘Alab’ Press Conference? Are your theories about the music video correct? Are you excited for their first full album coming out this year? Share us your thoughts, A’TINs! Drop a comment below or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.