The very first Star Wars was released bringing together 9 saga films, legions of fans, and characters that will live with us forever.

The end?

Now that the Star Wars cinematic universe is coming to an end, we here at U DO U gives you a quick look at what went down last December 7-8, 2019 at Globe’s Fan Force Weekend.

Globe Fan Force Weekend

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Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker is the last to hit movie screens worldwide on December 20. It is the last known chapter of one of the most iconic sagas in movie history. And Globe being one with the force decided to take its loyal customers and Star Wars fans to one more unforgettable run with the beloved characters, droids, ships, and the closing chapter of the beloved Skywalkers saga.

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I for one, an adult along with other adults and kids thoroughly enjoyed the different activities set last weekend with a whole lot of Star Wars-themed games, merch, and even promos.

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One of the highlights? Definitely the once in a lifetime experience as some of our lucky younger ones got a taste of an actual Jedi training with the official Jedi Academy Training, which truly left a mark as both parents are seen wanting to join as well as they get to wield the iconic lightsabers in real life with an added certificate of proof that they are now recognized Jedi Knights.

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Memorable Indeed

Globe made the experience more memorable indeed as fans were treated to amazing photo sessions with iconic Star Wars characters during the entire duration of the event, some were even given the chance to win exclusive premiere tickets to the movie screening itself!

A truly fitting tribute by Globe as one of the most beloved storylines in the cinematic universe is about to come into a full circle. We leave you with this:

“There’s Greatness inside each and every one of us.” 

Greatness can come from anyone

Like Rey and Luke who are both heroes, in their own right even if the reasons as to why and how they were chosen by The Force are very different. We are reminded that even if these protagonists are full of contradictions – with Luke whose deeply rooted in bloodlines and lineages while Rey, a scavenger who doesn’t know who her parents are – they are both still heroes nonetheless.

The Star Wars Saga taught us that their paths are very different, but it still boils down to how “they”  chose to forge their own paths; and this is a very good reminder for everyone, for we are still masters of our own selves.

Just as Rey redefined what being a Jedi means, we too have the power to find greatness within us. After all, we are masters of our own selves and our destiny.

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