SONIK Philippines: A Historical Event for the Music Industry

Breaking barriers and opening paths to musical collaborations, SONIK Philippines was definitely a revolutionary event.

SONIK Philippines was a groundbreaking, historical music conference and festival. It was held at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati last October 4 and 5 2019. The two-day concourse served as a time for education, collaboration, and consumption of good music. , we were able to witness it firsthand.

SONIK Philippines is the brainchild of HOMONYM, a premier music agency here in the country.  During our interview with their CEO, Mike Constantino, about the inception of SONIK, his words were:

We have so many music sectors doing so many great things, but all separately. So we felt we needed to get everyone into one room so that we can start meeting each other, collaborating – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. SONIK Philippines is a great first step for us to start moving forward ideally as one unit, as one country, one industry.

HOMONYM is not the only one behind SONIK Philippines though. They have also partnered with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) to make this happen.

Both professional and amateur musicians all around the country attended as delegates during the 2-day conference. The conference was full of informative talks about music, what goes on behind the scenes of making them, and a lot more. Plus, what would a music conference be without performances by bands like Ben&Ben, Syd Hartha, Careless, Wonggoys, and many more which totally brought the event together.

Striving to meet global standards

Throughout the event, we have observed some top topics on music mainly – entertainment value, improvement, and empowerment of the Philippine music industry. To do this, a lot of talks took to heart about the next steps that the local scene should make.

According to the panelists who are experts in music, Filipinos should exploit the fact that we ourselves love listening to good music. It was even mentioned that Quezon City often tops the list for the number of streams made on Spotify, gaining the title ‘Trigger City. Aside from these music streaming services, panelists also say radio stations must play more of our local songs instead of foreign ones.

Moreover, they advised musicians about diversifying and trying out new sounds in hopes of reaching out to more kinds and tastes of music with diverse people. By innovating and doing so, more of the world may eventually be able to recognize and appreciate our very own Original Pilipino Music.

Taiwan x Philippines

Another thing that makes this event so special is that musicians came not only from Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao but also from our neighboring country, Taiwan. In an effort to further globalize the way we see Philippine Music, SONIK Philippines have also partnered with the Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

To showcase Taiwanese music to the Filipino audience, three bands from Taiwan also performed. The bands were 88balaz, April Red, and Outlet Drift. It was such a treat for us to experience and describe their sound, we’d say that they really made us feel out of this world, I’d even go as far as to say that their music is cathartic. Each of the bands has very unique and enchanting beats that are a bit different from what Filipinos are used to. Overall, listening to them was an experience we can’t ever forget.

During our discussion with the Taiwan Ministry of Culture Representative John Huang, he mentioned that Taiwan also wants to show what they can offer to the global music scene. And they do believe that it is high time to inspire Filipinos to take our music on an international and global stage.

The future of Philippine music

Asked what they think of the future of the Philippine music industry, panelists say almost the same thing – they are hopeful. There may be various obstacles that local musicians still have to hurdle over, but everyone was hopeful. With SONIK Philippines serving as a platform for artists to be more educated and empowered, wonderful things may actually happen to our music scene soon.

SONIK ended with a bang as the festival took over the venue. And as the music encapsulated beautifully in the air, everyone was left with hope and great things to come for the future of the Philippine Music.

What do you think of SONIK Philippines and its impact on our own music industry? Do you enjoy listening to OPM yourself? Let us know what you think of this by sharing your thoughts through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

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