Learn how the Yellow Room Music Philippines has been paving way for the aspiring artists through the founder, Monty Macalino, himself. And check out the great time we had during their anniversary concert!

We went down to Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City just last August 10. My team and I undoubtedly had an awesome Music Experience at the Yellow Room Music 6nniversary Thanksgiving Concert! Amazing acts from the roster of the record label shared their music to everyone at a free admission event and it was definitely a day and night filled with great music.

Yellow Room Music 6nniversary Thanksgiving Concert

Starting the event was the music Kuatro Kantos, followed by Crown of Thorns and Samputen. And as the sun was about to set—Southernlights, MNTKLYA, and Sleep Alley performed their sets. Hyping everyone with great music, they surely made the audience feel that more amazing performances are about to come!

It was truly a memorable night one for the books… and Madeline made sure of that as they grace the stage with such a magical performance. Their set was followed by none other than I Belong To The Zoo who straight up made our hearts ache with his relatable songs!

I don’t know about you, but I sure felt nostalgic listening to Mojofly‘s performance—their music remains amazing and is indeed timeless. And to end the music-filled event with a bang, closing act Mayonnaise gave everyone a treat with everyone’s all-time favorite hit songs. Of course, frontman Sir Monty Macalino, also the founder of the record label, expressed his gratefulness and how they will continue paving way for aspiring artists out there.

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An Interview with Monty Macalino, founder of Yellow Room Music Philippines

Sir Monty Macalino is the frontman of our all-time favorite band, Mayonnaise. We have seen their success, have added their music on our playlists, and can rock out the lyrics to their songs when we watch them perform live. But most of us do not know the hardships and the struggles that this famous local band had to face before they get where we are right now. And interviewing Sir Monty gives us an image of how they broke through those obstacles and now, as the founder of the Yellow Room Music Philippines, he is opening doors for aspiring artists out there.

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Opening doors, serving as a bridge

Sir Monty shares how their band lost a record label, and thus, his vision of creating his own record label was brought to life. He understands the feeling of not having a label—when no one wants to take you in and manage you. That’s why the Yellow Room Music Philippines’ main goal is to open those doors for the artists. To take in whoever needs help on bringing their music up on the stage, whether to handle them or to merely serve as a stepping stone for their music career.

In choosing the artists to become a part of their roster, Sir Monty shares that they are not strict. As long as the artist really loves and enjoys performing, Yellow Room Music will be there for them to give a helping hand. Through their studio, music school, and events, the record label produces ways and resources for the artists to hone their craft and to serve as an instrument to give them the spotlight that they need and deserve.

It has been 6 years for Yellow Room Music Philippines, and Sir Monty tells everyone that they are not stopping. They will continue their goal, their vision, and their doors will always be open for aspiring artists out there.

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