Pambansang Muziklaban Lakas South Luzon Leg brings Slapshock and WilabaliW to rock Biñan, Laguna!

Red Horse and Dickies, brings the Pambansang Muziklaban Lakas South Luzon Leg all the way to Biñan, Laguna. Last Saturday, November 24, they held the Lakas South Luzon Leg semis at Thumbayan Food Park where rakistas from all over the south went to.

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Red Horse has been hosting Pambansang Muziklaban for years now to show the love for heavy metal and heavy rock. The “rakista” community, as we know, is larger than it looks. We have a lot of local heavy metal and rock bands in the country that got their big breaks from the Red Horse Muziklaban.

To continue the tradition and bring fresh faces and music to the scene, they’re giving the chance for up and coming bands to prove themselves.

South Luzon Leg contenders

Pambansang Muziklaban Lakas South Luzon leg featured 4 semifinalists of the initial screening. Ashes of Anubis, totU, Untold Mindoro, and Dwntwn Heroes were the lucky ones to partake on the South Luzon semis. All of the bands performed their own originals and we were overwhelmed to see such talent in one stage.

Every song, every performance, the audience are in the mosh pit rocking to their music! All bands were unique and talented. But only one reigned and that was Ashes of Anubis who showed dominance and showmanship. The road to the grand finals is now at their grasp. Congratulations!

WilabaliW and Slapshock

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Like we’ve said, rakistas from all over Laguna and even from neighboring provinces allotted time and effort just for this event. Not only to support their favorite contestants but also to witness legends of the heavy metal/rock scene.

Everyone went nuts as they have announced the arrival of WilabaliW and Slapshock. And we won’t kid, the whole Thumbayan Food Park roared as they entered. The mosh pit got crowded as WilabaliW set stage and started to rock the night.

But the highlight of the night was definitely Slapshock. The crowd surfing was wild and the whole park was pounding. We may not be fans but damn, they are one fine band! Slap Armies (Slapshock fans, of course!) are all kinds of wild that night! Guys were stripping their shirts, ladies whipping their hair back and forth and everyone jumping up and down. The sick beats of both bands energized everyone and there was no stopping to it!

Love, Music and Peace

Ginapos mo ako sa sarili kong mundo
Sumisigaw, humihiyaw 
Yakapin mo ako

Jamir, Slapshocks’s frontman, was very vocal of promoting love, music, and peace all throughout the night. Witnessing the rakista seen in person, it can really get a bit rowdy. Bodies are bumping, beers are getting thrown and someone surfing the crowd every now and then.

We loved how interactive Slapshock was with the crowd. Jamir even went up at the second floor and sang beside the fans. While Chi, Slapshock’s drummer, crowd surfed during ‘Carino Brutal’! It was definitely a night full of surprises! A lot of fan service for Slap Armies! Salute to you guys!

To check out more videos and photos of the memorable night at Thumbayan Food Park, be sure to check out Daddy Rakista’s Facebook page here!

So if you’ve loved WilabaliW and Slapshock, add their songs to your Spotify playlist now!

Did you witness the amazing night at the Pambansang Muziklaban South Luzon Leg? Were you part of the mosh pit or in the sidelines jumping and headbanging? Share us your experience in the comments section below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.