AfterParty presents: LOVESTREAM: Of Music and Passion right here, everyone!

Seldom are the moments when the best things happen at the same time.  This is one of those times. Just before the year ended, University of the Philippines and the University of Santo Tomas pulled off another one of their most anticipated annual Christmas music fests in their respective universities –UP MASKIPAPS & UST AFTER PASKUHAN.

 #AfterpartyPresents “LOVESTREAM: OF MUSIC AND PASSION” bringing two different flavors of the local music scene in one great experience.

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Let’s get to know more about what happened at the UP Sunken Garden with our awesome Afterparty Contributor – Mike!

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Hands up for the Millennials who can recount our pre-iPhone teenage days listening to our favorite OPM bands and artists on our old fashioned Nokia phone.  I spent hours downloading hit songs with my slow internet connection on to my card and enjoying them all-day as long as my phone’s battery permits.

Why am I sharing these memories? Well, it’s because these were the only thoughts I could reference walking into my first Maskipaps: The Crossover organized this year by HYDRO Manila Music Festival.

Going in as first-timer, I had so little idea about what makes a “Wet Party Music Festival” was. It took just common sense to allow us to understand the term, “wet”, and so I dressed in walk shorts, plain shirt. Not realizing, the biggest mistake I would have made that day was putting on my favorite white pair of sneakers. Can you just picture me at the UP Sunken Garden in a wet party with white sneakers?  Cue the laughter.

With a crowd 10,000 strong on a rain-soaked mosh pit of a field, UP Maskipaps smashed the record for the biggest crowd ever of this annual event. Showcasing a lineup of the hottest DJ’s and bands in the country, Maskipaps x Hydro, is not only a combination of the new and legendary bands I listened to but also beat pounding music that had the masses jumping and cheering till the air in your lungs ran out. Or am I just aging?

The rain made the wet party even drizzlier which fueled the crowd to go for more. First up was DJ Migs Malolos, who opened the show. He said the coming back to his Alma Mater to perform for the UP Maroons was really one for the books.

For some artists, MASKIPAPS holds a very special place in their heart. It’s an annual event anticipated and celebrated not only by students of UP, but almost the entire college crowd. Luis Azcona from Maude shared his sentimental story with me backstage of how actually found his ex-girlfriend at Maskipaps, although not together anymore, it’s still one hell of a memorable story to tell.

DJ Marc Marasigan also an alumnus of the university, hyped up the night with MC Ron Thug. These two artists have been collaborating since 2012 and are thankful for all the fans who have been supporting them ever since.

But of course, the solid lineup of Maskipaps wouldn’t be completed if there was no Up Dharma Down. Being in the industry for thirteen years now, they shared, that the secret behind their success as an indie band is because they take their songs for seriously hence why it took the band five years to release an album. Maybe that’s the reason why the songs “Oo” and “Tadhana” make you jump out and start crying just by hearing the first note of these songs.  I should know. But that night, it was a totally different feeling just by hearing Armi Millare sing these songs live for the first time. Although I really can’t hear her that much from the entire crowd singing along to every single word of their songs.  Believe me, it was really something just by being there.

I was backstage all night seeing the bands and DJs come and leave their stations, but what mesmerized me was seeing firsthand how the crowd drowned out the artists performing as they sing the words from their song or how they united waving their hands in the air as the DJ’s beat drops blasting them into a frenzy of mud jumping revelers.

This is actually the part when my heart fell in love with OPM culture again. Maybe Filipino music will always have a special place in my heart after all.  I had never experienced attending a music fest before and I can say I am lucky enough to see a crowd as solid and as united as this year’s Maskipaps.

Let us travel to the streets of Espana on that same night for more of the Lovestream experience with AFTER PASKUHAN, I’m sure our #AfterParty Contributor, Tin, surely didn’t miss the fun!

AfterParty is no stranger to the local EDM scene having produced events with UST After Paskuhan masterminds, Knock Down Production, not to mention, MC Victor Pring who has been an undeniable favorite of our AfterPartyers.

Paskuhan is an annual celebration that is anticipated not only by Thomasians but most college students from the metro. Students and artists braved the streets of Espana, going all-out, in spite of the drizzling weather just to perform and experience one great party that is the After Paskuhan 2016.

There couldn’t have been a better way to end the year for one of UST’s own homegrown talents – DJ Miko Villena. He will be graduating this year than to perform for his fellow Thomasians. As he said,it is one of the best things he has done in his life so far. Judging by his set, the future is bright. We’ll be hoping for the best, DJ Miko!

DJ Borhuh who opened the show says showed off a combination of foreign and OPM set which the crowd loved. On the other hand, DJ Adrian Cob got them bouncing with his Hip-hop touch. These uprising talents may have different styles as DJ’s but they are surely one and the same as they were all excited to share the stage with few of the finest artists in the country – DJ Ace Ramos, DJ X Factor, and DJ Patty Tiu, to name a few.

Speaking of big time, we cannot argue that DJ Ace Ramos is one of the biggest Electronic Dance Music DJs in the country right now. DJ Ace Ramos exclusively tells us his plans to go back to schooling and plans on traveling in the States to produce more of his music. We definitely will expect big things from DJ Ace for 2017!

Moreover, DJ Jet Boado is also blessed to play for the event twice-in-a-row, telling us that the crowd at AfterPaskuhan 2016 was definitely wilder and bigger. He hopes to make it three-in-a-row next year and from the audience reaction, they hope so, too.

It was all about the people, the music, the soul, the vibe and the energy for MC MJ Collarga who shared the stage with DJ Ace Ramos and DJ Adrian Cob but hops on stage once in a while to support his other DJ friends. It was definitely exciting to see!

Another great thing about the party was how the artists got so engaged with the crowd. Victor Pring was energizing the crowd sharing shots of Bacardi while DJ X Factor was dropping the beats so hard that it might have left a mark in Dapitan. Joyce Pring (#PringSings!) added to what was already a lit set. Of course, it’s Joyce Pring! Who wouldn’t go crazy over her? She told us that she performs best when she gets to share the stage with her bothers DJ X Factor and Victor Pring.

Hanging out backstage with the artists, I couldn’t help but feel amazed by how much these artists support each other. These artists show how much of a great team the DJ and MC should be on stage to pull off an unforgettable set. It goes to show the community they have built inside the industry.

Lastly, the love that grew my admiration and respect for these artists and I am grateful to have experienced what hopefully other party-goers did as well as, the sense of family behind the lights and the music.

The local music scene is a great feast after all.

Although there have been some mishaps in local rave scene that had occurred earlier this year such as the postponement of Neverland in Manila and issues in the Close-Up Forever Summer Music Fest, the good always outweighs the bad in 2016. Don’t you think?

On that note, 2016 was a year that slowly revived the local indie music scene in the country. Manila Concert Scene owner, Kevin Pableo also admitted that this year was not a good year for the industry but he is hopeful that 2017 is going to be a much better year.

“If we’re dreaming for some big festivals like in other countries with a huge lineup, we should support our local EDM/rave events first so that our promoters or organizers here can establish their business and invest for bigger events in the future.”

The two successful music events staged by UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity together with HYDRO Manila Music Festival for UP Maskipaps and Knock Down Productions for UST Paskuhan created a positive impact in the local scene. This just goes to show that even student organizations can work together with event organizers to help pave the way in bringing the OPM band scene and local artists back to the limelight.

Kevin Pableo of MCS also dreams to have our local EDM superstars to take part in headlining for international festivals here or abroad which, for me, is not an impossible dream to dream. Call me idealistic, but I believe that our local artists show lots of potential and worthy of global recognition.IF and only if local fans would gratify and support them. Moreover, he also hopes that local artists will be able to stage their own solo shows in the country’s major venues.

2017 is a year we should definitely keep an eye on the local music scene.

Mayonnaise will be touring their album “For the Rest of my Life” and they will also be celebrating their 15th year anniversary in the music industry!

SUD is also planning to release new songs and videos along with merchandise this year. Music fans, let’s start saving up!

We should also look forward to the music of DJ Mark Marasigan having just started producing his own music and MC Ron Thug will also be there to collaborate with him.

Armi Millare from UDD promises a new album release in the first quarter of the year.

Top promoters, Hydro Manila, have been producing music festivals for two years now and will continue their passionate support of the music and the fan. Watch out for their universities and campus tours this year!

Look out for a big 2017 from KD Events, bringing you the best and the hit lineups around.

With all these being said, we at AfterParty, hope to empower the entire Filipino music, arts, and events scene to unite as one splendid Local Arts Scene. We are encouraging music fans and music event-goers to take a chance on your local artists by going to their gigs or events. It is still possible for our local music scene to ascend back to its peak again.

Lastly, here’s to appreciating the event organizers & promoters who are making efforts to revolutionize & revive the local music scene. This year, we should definitely focus on one goal – to promote the local band or rave scene as ONE FILIPINO LOCAL MUSIC SCENE.

Let us make this year not just a great year but instead, let us make 2017 the birth of the new OPM era!

Video by: Chloei Capili

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