As We Proceed 2018 is Rockwell’s 3rd Annual Dance Concert and it was a heart-stopping experience!

And yes, this is your exclusive As We Proceed 2018 Recap, ’cause we know that after the show, you’ve got a major Rock*well hangover that we’re never getting rid of!

Last Sunday (October 21, 2018),  You won’t believe how the crowd cheered and wooed, dumbfounded by these world-class dancers from the Rockwell dancers.

These dance pros blew us away with one dance skit after the other. And believe us when we say, it’s as if we got high on a whirlpool of emotions! So y’all, these guys def know what they’re doing which means they could put up pretty good show. We kid you, not— Rockwell is the BOMB!

Brought to you of course by Rockwell Ph and AfterParty!

From the very beginning, the dance group performed their intro piece by taking over not just the stage, but the entire open space of Meralco Theater! And if you were there sitting among us, you were probably twisting and turning, not know where to look ’cause these guys and girls were everywhere!

And all we can really say is, ‘What an incredibly overwhelming opening’!

So what is ‘As We Proceed’ all about?

We’ll keep this short and sweet, guys. ‘As We Proceed’ is Rockwell’s way of celebrating their success in the dance industry.

And if you must know, this year marks their 3rd Annual Dance Concert. And for each time they host an event like this, their goal is to give back to those who have supported them throughout their career.

Let’s put this way: the Rockwell fam are the local dance superstars that we all idolize. They are popularly known for setting up dance challenges online for everyone to try. In short, these guys and girls are hella popular (they’ll even be part of MadFest!). But the best thing about them is that they give back to the community—the dance community.

And speaking of dance challenges, here’s one they made for ‘As We Proceed’. Take a peak!

It’s quite a privilege watching these legends perform live. And each time they move, it’s like you get a kind of liberating feeling that takes you to great heights.

What exactly happened in ‘As We Proceed’?

Most of that night—the night of the All The Way Up Finals and the As We Proceed 2018 night—was filled with variety of acts and  guest performances creating a most spectacular show! (Watch out for videos soon!)

It started with an explosive intro by none by the Rockwell dance family.

And we’ve got the list of Rockwell dancers who joined ‘As We Proceed’ right here:

Rhemuel Lunio
Mannex Manhattan
Kliff Acosta
Sergio Aguilan Jr.
Oscar Austria
Vincent Pineda
David John Abad
Rheggie Lunio
Julian Abalos
RJ Deriza
Winston Daiz
Joebel Frugalidad
Aziz Guiamelon
Kaye Cantos
Aira Casim
Beatriz Pangilinan
Deseree Mangulabnan
Patricia Angeles
Tuesday Dolomandin
Arjolyn Conanan
Ria Krisha Cruz
Melerna Montevirgen

With guests:

Minako Yamamoto
Ralph Aquino
JP Oliver
Mycka Angeles

The program later moved on to more amazing performances.  And we’ve got photos to prove what we’re talking about!

Notice how well they prepared for the show right here. Their bold costumes and their sense of style says it all!

Retro, anyone?

For a second there, we thought it was their biggest highlight yet, but then it was just the beginning.

The temperature rises to the roof when these sexy ladies strut out the stage for a DARING dance number. Let’s be honest, we all shouted and ‘wooed‘ at that moment!

And just as when we thought it was over, we were ‘SHOOKT‘ when the boys slid into the stage! Ladies in the audience area started fanning themselves, and we could swear we heard some peeps shout “Mooooooore!”

OMG right? It was an outright combination of Beyonce and Magic Mike vibes!

And the fun continues! For anyone wondering why this experience was described as something that throws you into a whirlpool of emotions, it’s simply because of the crazy skits that they come up with, and we are HOOKED!

Take these ones for example. Say what you will about cross-dressing, but the entertainment value of the show went up the roof with these!

And plus, it’s not just that they only dress up  for the fun of it. It’s actually a statement!

Here’s a collection of memories from ‘As We Proceed’, guys! Browse away!

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Of course one of the highlights of As We Proceed 2018 was our guest performances!

Celebs who joined in on the fun were: 

Lawrence ‘Rockboi’ Chua
Kenjhons Serrano
John Sedano
Julian Trono
Ella Cruz

All five celebs presented us with their talents each with their own unique performances.

As We Proceed 2018 was a legendary night where we all got hooked on dance performances.

Kudos to pure Pinoy talent, and cheers to the overflowing passion, Rockwell fam! It was undoubtedly a night to remember!

They say that every step and every turn, is dedicated to their continuing success in the dance industry, well they’ve already proven themselves worthy of it!

So how’s that for an As We Proceed 2018 Recap? Can’t get enough of these wild events? Hit us up! Leave a comment below or check us out on our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter @UdoUph!