When music evokes – or even, becomes the definition – of someone’s soul, it transcends the abstract and becomes a natural state.

Ella Mai’s music is a testament to that. Apparent and seen during her last leg in Manila for her The Debut Tour worldwide concert, is the soulful coming together of everything R&B stands for. That night proved that Manila’s love for the soul is not just another passing craze. The entire highlights revolved around a strong statement of how the singer behind the hit ‘Boo’d Up’ with her swag and verve is not just a one-hit-wonder.

The steady, comforting presence of her music

“2018 was a very big year for me. There was one song that changed my life,” Ella says as everyone in the room (including me) shouts at her impeccable show thus far.

Ella Mai continuously reached out to the audience throughout the performance with her warm and welcoming tone to make the most of the evening as each one gets to share and mark the interweaving themes of youth, love, and soul from the depths of her voice.

She passionately indulged us with an earnest performance, putting forth a blend of well-loved EP’s before her hit song ‘Boo’d Up’ and newer tracks off her extensive discography.

Soulection Experience

The object of the roared approval and mass singalongs aren’t just based on charisma alone, a mix of her dancing moves with matching wagging fingers and an undeniable swag which feminizes R&B more brings in an entire experience full of sultry madness.

The show itself was cut into two parts, creating a feeling that they have a longer night with Ella. You can see and feel a solid clamor from the fans throughout the entire two sets, with every performance of her hits as mentioned above, bringing upon a roar of adoration from her Pinoy fans.

Capping the night as a real soulection experience for me and for every soulful Filipino fan out there. It was and will always be a night, we all will definitely remember.

But hey, everyone was surprised that Ella, full of gratitude even went down from the stage to bid and say her thanks to each and every one of her Filipino fans. Truly a remarkable artist and performer.

We definitely should thank Insignia Presents for putting this amazing show together. And Ella, please come back soon!

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