We all fell in love with Zsaris’ new song, ‘Paraan’, and we couldn’t wait to share how things went down at her single launch!

If there’s a will, there’s a way. And if there’s already a way, then what’s stopping you?! Zsaris’ ‘Paraan’ encourages us not to be afraid to start falling in love. And if you’re one of the people who found your “paraan” to be at Zsaris’ single launch, you’d know how it went down. It was a wildly emotional ride, and we’ve got the recap you need!

Makikiraan Po

You know it’s gonna be a good time when you’re presented with a one-of-a-kind line up and an open Jam! As for ‘Makikiraan Po’ a single launch for Zsaris’ new song, ‘Paraan’, it was an emotionally wild ride! Through an intimate setup, the guests were thoroughly entertained with an up and coming improv act, db Improv and, of course, performances from the one-woman-act, Zsaris.

Also part of db, Zsaris got the crowd in high spirits after doing hilarious scenarios with the rest of the improv group! Aside from ‘Paraan’ she also played some other unreleased songs and told anecdotes that made everyone laugh. If you were there, we bet you enjoyed it, too!


‘Paraan’ talks about finding and making a way to make things happen. This is exactly what Zsaris had to do in order to pursue her music. At the launch, she shared her journey from dreaming to actually becoming. And it’s somewhat inspirational, seeing how she reached for her dreams.

This song is also her first venture with the esteemed record label, O/C Records. The company added Zsaris to their roster of artists, so we can expect to hear more singles from her!

“Ginawan ko ng paraan makarating ako dito, at salamat sa lahat ng gumawa rin ng paraan para maging posible ito para sa akin.”


The moment might have been an emotional moment for her, seeing as she once dreamed of being an artist, and now she’s finally releasing her first single. One step at a time. And she felt very grateful to the people who went there and supported her!

‘Paraan’ is now out on Spotify and other digital platforms! We hope this groovy song makes your playlist. Trust us, you won’t want to skip it!

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