We can only say one thing. ‘A Stage for the Strange’ of MilesExperience was wild! And of course, we have the react recap that you need right here!

MilesExperience is back! With an amazing 12-song set, the band rocked Mow’s last 11th of May. And there is no describing what went down there!

A solid 12-song set

When talking about the event’s highlights, of course, it would be the 12-song set that MilesExperience performed! And when we say that the band’s set was solid, we mean it really is. There is something beautiful about how the band was able to connect to the audience again and see them performing, doing what they love. Wanna know what we’re talking about? Check out these clips!

That was one intense song! I bet you kinda wish you were there. They also performed other songs that they shared to us through their Twitter account!

What’s really amazing is that you can really see that the crowd was in it! No one was sitting down, and everyone was celebrating with the band.

A Stage for the Strange

To MilesExperience, this isn’t just another gig. And it’s not just a plain comeback gig. After being inactive for about a year, the band had the struggle of keeping up with their music. They almost lost their grasp of what their music is about, and who they were. But MilesExperience is one band that proved to us that you can stand back up and create beautiful things out of confusion and idleness. This comeback gig was only the beginning, and we can only expect more from the band. In the Twitterverse, fans are raving about this much-awaited comeback!

Other performances

Not only was the set amazing, but there were also other great bands who performed that night. Bita and the Botflies, Soapdish, Slowdough, Aoui, Barangay Breakfast Club, and Ysanygo were there too. We could imagine how great that one night was with these bands would be!

Stream their ever solid songs on Spotify!

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It’s definitely heartwarming and fun to watch MilesExperience perform again! Are you excited to hear their upcoming releases! We’d be patiently waiting, too! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. To more music!