Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs is becoming more and more known. But now, it is not only a platform for local artists, but for people who want to deliver important messages to the masses as well!

Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs happens every month along P. Noval, Sampaloc. Martin Riggs started it out with the goal to normalize busking in the community. With what he started, aspiring artists who want their music to be heard now has a platform to share it with everyone. Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs has an “open mic” for a few hours and then proceeds with special guests.

Various artists already performed at P. Noval—Unique Salonga, MilesExperience, FourPlay, Benny of BennyBunnyBand, and more! But Thursday night, October 17, as my team and I dropped by P. Noval, the special guest was none other than Bita and the Botflies who just released their album ‘Peklat Cream‘.


Check out this one of a kind Music Experience that we had at Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs right HERE:

I’ve been to at least two Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs before this one. But in a short amount of time, the audience and artists that Martin Riggs was able to form has already reached another level. People who are watching know every word to his songs and even have their own “interpretative” dance steps to his music.

However, it goes beyond that. With Martin Riggs’ goal to normalize busking, the busking community grows even more. And others who used to be scared to let their music be heard are slowly finding the courage to finally share it.

More than just music

And as you’ve seen in our awesome Music Experience, it is now also a platform for those who want to convey social and political issues. There were those who did spoken word poetry to raise mental health awareness and the Anakbayan activists were also there to express the state of our country under our government.

Martin Riggs himself writes amazing songs that can serve as an eye-opener and for us to express our sentiments on what’s going on in our society. What the Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs is being able to give to the community is wonderful—and it’s just starting. Imagine how many more great things it can do.

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