Can you believe it? The band She’s Only Sixteen turns 10 this year! Has it really been that long? In fact, some of the people who performed with them at their 10th Anniversary Gig commented that this means that She’s now Only Twenty-Six.

And it’s crazy, right? For everyone who was actually only sixteen when these guys first came out in the local music scene, you (we, actually) guys and girls are now twenty-six! (Thanks for the rather unnecessary reminder, Mellow.)

How’d he get into this? Well, aside from the fact Mellow Fellow performed with She’s Only Sixteen at their anniversary gig, just look at his tweet below.

How those ten years went by so fast, we don’t really know. All we know is that it’s been a good—no great—10 years growing up with Roberto Seña, Anjo Silvoza, King Puentespina, and Andrew Panopio. And we couldn’t really ask for more.

So let’s take a little trip down memory lane with one of the boys’ very first official music videos. Here’s Dying to Meet You where they just look so different and, dare we say, totoy?

Ten years later, this band is still on our playlists and packing gigs. In fact, their 10-year anniversary gig at 20:20 was P A C K E D! And we’ve rounded up some of our favorite posts from you guys!

From the setup…

…That we have to admit was pretty #aesthetic

To the LIT merch

And of course a rather MAGICal set


The guys look really happy to see everyone who was there

So much so that they’re ready to dive into that amazing crowd

Yep, yep. POSITIVE.

With some of the most dedicated fans *many hearts*

And one of the best. crowds. EVER!

We can feel the love all the way till today, and maybe even till the next ten years.

And for those who didn’t catch them, don’t worry ’cause we found a video of their FULL SET! Just check out the video below.


1. Whatever That Was

2. Favoritism

3. Zoo Animals

4. At Your Door

5. Magic (solo version by Roberto Sena)

6. Roll the Dice

7. Just Another Face On The Wall

8. Amore

9. Dying to Meet You

10. Leave Me Out of It

Were YOU guys at the She’s Only Sixteen’s 10th anniversary gig? Share your favorite photos and videos with us! We’d love to include them in this post. Just let us know where you posted them in our comment section, or better yet send them to us over at Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh!