Panties dropped en masse in Manila last September 29 and it’s because of these dudes. Yep, this is the Seventeen in Manila Recap you need!

Yes, ladies and gents had their fill of Yoon Jeonghan, Woozi, Kim Mingyu, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Vernon, Chun-fai Man, Joshua, Xu Minghao, S. Coups, Lee Seokmin, Boo Seungkwan, Dino, and Jang Do Yoon that scratched their massive k-pop itch.

For those that haven’t seen the concert here’s what you’ve missed (and you missed something BIG). For those that did see it (talking to you beautiful Filipina CARATS wink emoji), let’s relive that orgasmic night of pure k-pop heaven.

Here’s them performing their perennial crowd pleasers “Healing + Aju Nice.” You can hear those thrilledthirsty shrieks in the background and you know this was a special night. To the woman recording, “Calm yourself girl! I wanna see this again!”

Here’s them performing “Oh My!” dancing in their beautiful royal blue prince blouse.

I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with these guys with anecdotes such as these? They LOVE their fans.

And why wouldn’t they love their Filipino fans when even before the concert starts they’re already pumped up like this. That’s #filipinaCARATSfandom for you.

Here’s one dedicated fan documenting her ticket buying adventure. You know you’re with fellow CARATS when even while waiting in a tedious line everyone is still all freaking smiles.

And to close our collective recollection of that night here’s the guys giving their love to the fans in Korean. You guys feel the love even with the language barrier, right?

Wonwoo: I want to thank you guys, first of all for coming here tonight. I’m very satisfied because you all have fun tonight. Did you guys have fun tonight? *CROWD SHRIEKS THEIR EYES OFF* And that’s good to hear. We are going back now (nooooo…) but we’ll try to comeback as soon as we can to have fun with you all. I wanna thank you guys again for tonight.

See local Carats, you SATISFIED Wonwoo. How many girls can say that?

And with that, Elvis has left the building. Like we said, this is the Seventeen in Manila recap you need.

(Article written by Jett Mendoza)