REACT RECAP: Save Angkas Concert

Angkas helps us beat the traffic and expensive transpo fees, right? No wonder we love it so much! And you definitely showed that during the Save Angkas Concert!

After the announcement of Angkas that the Supreme Court released a Temporary Restraining Order for their operations, everyone was giving all-out support. The Save Angkas Movement can be seen through everyone’s news feeds!

From signing petitions to the Unity Ride, there comes the Save Angkas Concert!

This FREE thanksgiving concert is a campaign to save the motorcycle-haling app, Angkas! And the lineup contains big names in the Philippine industry who showcased their support for Angkas.

There were over 15,000 attendees at the Quezon City Circle last Saturday, December 22! Really tho, we Angkas app users just couldn’t express our gratitude enough for the convenience that it has given to us. It’s definitely cheaper and it helps us avoid traffic! So please, SAVE ANGKAS!

Save Angkas Free Thanksgiving Concert

I am definitely glad that Angkas is not going down without a fight. Over 25,000 biker-partners’ livelihood is at risk because of the TRO. And Angkas has been nothing but a big help to us Filipinos especially when we are in a rush and we have to battle the heavy metro traffic.

And I’m positive that the Angkas operations management felt the support of the people. Especially those who attended the Save Angkas Free Thanksgiving Concert last Saturday.

A lot of big OPM names and celebrities showed their support for the motorcycle-hailing app as well.

From Leanne & Naara…

To Hale!


Of course, besides Leanne & Naara and Hale, there were other big names in the OPM industry who graced everyone with their performances! But to top it off was none other than the queen herself!

We stan Nadin Lustre!

A netizen also brought back this video of Nadine Lustre using the Angkas app to beat the traffic!

Angkas truly helped a lot of people because of their operations. And a lot are totally in support of saving this app!

Kudos to Angkas for having a successful concert!

Were you at the Save Angkas Concert? Have you done your part for the Save Angkas Movement? Do you miss the reliability and convenience of the app? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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