Sam Smith in Manila recap time! The English singer-songwriter captured our hearts yet again last night, and we have ALL the highlights from last night’s concert you need right here.

What’s this Sam Smith in Manila recap for? For your concert hangover, of course! The last time this dapper balladeer was here was in 2015. And if it’s gonna take three more years for him to visit us again, might as well absorb The Thrill of it All right now. Right?

We mean, Filipino fans made THE Sam Smith cry last night. Oh, the power of Filipino fans—that love and dedication we show our favorite artists—it’s amazing! And we have the video from last night if you need to relive those moments.

Sam Smith in Manila 2018:

I just want to say, before we go any further with this show tonight, I just want to say from the deepest part of my heart, thank you so much for having us tonight.

I remember our concert here three years ago like it was yesterday. We left this place with such massive smiles on our faces. And thank you so much for having us back, and supporting my second album.

We are so ready to give you everything we’ve got. We got three days off after this. So after this show, we’ll have a drink. So I’m gonna party with you all tonight, okay?

I’ve been all week, and so hard for this show ’cause I’m very aware that my music is a little bit depressing sometimes. I know, it is…And I didn’t want you guys to feel sad and leave this room feeling down. So we have worked so hard on making sure that you guys leave this room feeling good, and feeling happy, and in a good mood.

So for us to achieve that tonight, Manila, I’m gonna need your help tonight. And all I need you to do with me is whatever tough things and bad things that are going on in your life right now, I need you to leave them on the door right now. Because tonight is about all of us singing together as loud as we possibly can.

So can you do that with me tonight?

So let’s get started, I want to sing a song for you right now which started everything for me. And I still love singing this song so much and I hope you’re not sick of this…I hope you enjoy this. This is called ‘Lay Me Down’.

Ugh, with a speech like that and that amazing voice, even we’re crying!

Oh, Sam Smith, you’re so precious and we can’t wait till the next time we see you! (Hopefully, we bump into you in the next few days since you mentioned that you guys have three days off after your Philippine concert, and we hope you spend it in this beautiful country. *fingers crossed*)

And while we all daydream about meeting our favorite English singer on the streets of Manila, here are some of YOUR best posts about last night’s show!

Let’s reminisce together Little Sailors!

You told us to enjoy the night, but dangit, Sam! Fans can’t help but cry throughout your show with those AMAZING vocals!

This crowd is amazing. Definitely one for the books!

All these tears of joy! *sobs uncontrollably*

All this love! *cries in unison*

But of course, there were also super smiles from last night!

Thank you, Sam Smith, for making our fangirl (and fanboy) dreams come true!

You’re just as precious, Filipino Sailors! You’re what make concerts in the Philippines AMAZING!

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