The Red Ninja Year Ender 2018 happened last Saturday! Missed out on this amazing event? No worries, I gotchu!

Red Ninja Production ended the year with a bang! They definitely went all out by gifting us with such an amazing lineup for their Red Ninja Year Ender 2018.

What a sched, what a lineup! In the afternoon, Orange & Lemons, The Ransom Collective, Assembly Generals, Sandwich, Better Days, and Leanne & Naara wowed us with their amazing sets!

As the sun sets and the night begins, Area25, St. Wolf, She’s Only Sixteen, Nathan & Mercury, One Click Straight, and BP Valenzuela serenaded everyone with their amazing talents.

Of course, the night didn’t end there as Giniling Festival, Oh, Flamingo!, Tanya Markova, Nar Cabico, Miles Experience, and Lions & Acrobats continued the fun. Last but definitely the least to perform, was none other than Over October!

The react recap you need!

Can’t get over this amazing music experience? Saddened because you weren’t able to witness these great OPM artists perform live? Either way, don’t fret! Because I have here for you just the right react recap that you need!

Our all-time favorite band Orange & Lemons began the Red Nina Year Ender 2018!

Bands such as Oh, Flamingo!, Miles Experience, and Giniling Festival gave so much joy to the attendees.

Of course, Nathan & Mercury who recently celebrated their anniversary made the crowd alive with their amazing performance.

What’s an “eccentric” Tanya Markova up on stage without their amazing costumes, right?!

Capping off the night with their quality music is Over October!

Want more captured moments of the event from the other artists that performed? Check out this Twitter thread of such cool photos right here!

Truly one hell of an amazing night with such a great crowd! Attendees can’t stop posting about the event on their social media platforms. I can’t blame them tho! If I was there, I won’t be able to contain myself from sharing the magical day and night that I experienced.

Kudos to the Red Ninja Productions for a very successful event! And for gifting everyone as the year ends with our favorite and very talented OPM artists.

Were you able to attend the Red Ninja Year Ender 2018? Which act was your favorite? Any particular story you wanna share with us? Don’t hesitate to type it down on the come section below! Better yet, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear all about your experience!