Mariah Carey Live In Manila took Manila by storm again! And she didn’t let no traffic get in the way of it.

On October 26, 2018, the Mariah Carey Live In Manila concert was held. Yep, the Songbird Supreme graced us once again with her phenomenal talent, in her bedazzled gowns. And her immortal singing voice struck the heart of each fan who made it a point to be the at the Araneta Coliseum.

One great thing about Mariah is how she and her songs could connect with people of different age groups. And you’d really notice that in each of her concerts. Plus, if you really want to know, some attendees are—dare we say—regulars, while some of them are actually those who just discovered and admired the art of Mariah’s voice.

That’s why the Coliseum was packed on that one memorable Friday night. Yet another foreign concert has come and gone.

The (in)Famous ‘Traffic in Manila!’ Post

Despite getting stuck and stressed in traffic (we feel you), Mariah emerged the stage with a stunning glow.  She’s probably released all the stress through singing!

Pinoy Lambs went home happy!

Mariah’s been tickling the fans, inviting one to join her upstage. This guy must’ve thanked his lucky stars as he was picked to sit on ‘the special chair’. Can’t imagine how it feels to just chill up there and hear your idol sing ‘Touch My Body’ to you.

One lucky fan upstage and REAL close with Mariah!

Epic moments from an epic show!

It wouldn’t be a Mariah Carey concert without her whistling the roof off the concert hall. After all, that’s what this gorgeous songstress with a her five-octave vocal range, has been famously known for.

Watch as she lets out an eye-widening whistle at the end of her song ‘Can’t Let Go’.


Can we just say, there’s a different kind of euphoric feeling when we witness these epic moments live. We get to feel how real it is as it echoes all over the place and as it riles up the crowd.

And if that night wasn’t memorable enough

As Mariah’s fans, the Pinoy Lambs pop out to show their love and support, her acknowledging them made us all feel ten times better! She did say it was “Great to be back in the Philippines.” And now we know where the hype is all coming from.

Oh how we love Maria, and what great joy to know that she loves us just the same!

No, YOU’RE amazing! *squeals*

And since everyone else is determined to follow her footsteps, a lot of people are studying the trick to achieving Mariah Carey’s famous whistle register. Yep, motivated fans are up to the challenging task!

But hey, who knows if one of you get to share a spotlight with the Songbird Supreme on day.

All in all, it was wildly unforgettable (despite her not singing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ which would’ve been perfect) that we sure are looking forward to experience again… and again! Maybe one day, not only do we get song along, we also get to do the whistle with her. *Aaaaahhh!*

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