REACT RECAP: Pride March 2019

We raised our colors loud and proud in the Pride March 2019, and we got the react recap that you need right here!

June has just come and gone, but all the colors and memories of the Pride Month stay! This year’s Pride March was held at Marikina Sports Complex last June 29 with the theme #ResistTogether, and there are lots of tear-jerking moments to remember from that day.

People came in different styles of colorful clothes and carrying flags that symbolize diversity. But there’s more to the Pride March than just OOTDs. I think it goes without saying that crying during or because of Pride march is always justifiable. In context, resisting against discrimination has been a life-long battle for most members of the LGBT community. And to have one day to celebrate and commemorate all the battles that they fought externally and internally is certainly worthy of sharing. Pride March is a day when the members of the LBGT community feel free and more importantly, safe to express their very identities. June 29th was theirs this year.

Spirit of Family

Seeing that one of the biggest battles that someone from the LGBT has to face is trying to gain acceptance from the family, this year’s Pride March was populated with parents of LGBT members. There are two goals in their participation– to try and make the LGBT feel the acceptance that most of them wish from their own parents and convince other parents that their children need their love and support, whatever gender preference they have. The LGBT community has come to form a big family on its own but seeing these parents support the cause is a whole new thing and a heartwarming one at that.


Adding to the breathtaking sea of rainbows is an array of stars! Different local artists also participated in the Pride March in support of the LGBT community. Nadine Lustre showed up in a rainbow tube and fan. To say that the outfit is bomb would be an understatement. Although let’s be honest, she really starts new trends with whatever she wears.

Other artists who were spotted at the event were Iza Calzado, Rei Germar, Angel Dei, and others!

Love won!

Artists, parents and other allies came to the March, but, of course, still, the most vital part is the members of the LGBT community. It’s really tear-jerking to see them be themselves even for one day. Kisses weren’t the newest thing in a pride march for LGBT, but it sure is heartwarming, reading all the posts about how the LGBT felt safe to express themselves. They deserve this one day dedicates to them! Let’s be honest. No rainbow outfit OOTD will outdo the colors that these people bring into our lives. Gays, lesbians, queers. They are all around the entertainment industry, in our workplaces. Popular or just regular people, we can’t deny that these people are the most fun to be with. And oftentimes, they are the brightest and most hardworking people you’d meet.

The weather did not quite cooperate. But despite the rain, the 2019 Pride March really did excel in the one thing they were trying to do, making us realize that love is love, and it knows no gender.

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