Probably one of the most anticipated music events of the year here in the country, the MYX Music Awards had us all excited this year! If you need updates on the happenings in this star-studded event, we’ve got the react recap for you!

I think we can all agree that a vital part of our daily lives is music. Life would just be so dull without it! And we don’t care where we get it from. Online, from the radio, or the television, we just gotta have some music! MYX is one of the Filipino’s favorite music channels where we go to for the latest music videos. Depending on the category you want, you’d know when to turn on the TV and head to Myx. To honor the year’s best hitmakers, MYX holds an annual music awards event to celebrate the year’s music, selecting artists for 17 major awards! The MYX Music Awards 2019 did not fall short of that goal. If you missed the results, we have it for you!

Nadine Lustre

Of course, the president deserves her own paragraph! I think we all can pretty much agree that Nadine is indeed winning everything in life. A good life, a good career. And she wasn’t going to stop now. She has been making the headlines over the past few days for bagging 4 awards in the MYX Music Awards! You heard that right. It can be a gamble to win even one award, and this girl won 4. Nadine was hailed as MYX’s Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the year, while her song ‘St4y Up’ won the music video of the year. Her rendition of the song ‘Prom’ with James Reid for the 2018 film ‘Never Not Love You’ was the Media Soundtrack of the Year! All this after she had just been crowned the best actress by FAMAS!

As of writing, she ranks as the third artist who had the most awards from MYX Music awards, following Sarah G and Gloc 9. There’s not a doubt that Nadine deserved all these and more! She took it to Instagram to thank Myx and her fans.


So, did your favourite artist bag one of the awards? We did the liberty of checking, so here are the complete set of winners for the Myx Music Awards!

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The awards night also featured performances from some of the biggest artists of our time, like Unique, Moira de la Torre, Ben & Ben, This Band, KZ Tandingan, and many more!

All these great artists in one stage, it must have been a sight to see! Did your favorite win one of the awards? Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.