REACT RECAP: Munimuni Concert

Munimuni Concert at the Music Musuem hit the people like a tidal wave. And we are definitely not yet over it!

Dauntless Manila launched the Munimuni concert, a prayer answered for every fan of the band. And once again, it was a spectacle. Last November 16, at the Music Museum, Munimuni gives us the moment we’ve been all waiting for, to be gathered in a big venue with nothing but Munimuni music.

Crowd favorite of every gig-goer in the Metro, Munimuni has gradually risen to where they are now. The makata pop indie band has definitely cast a spell to everyone’s heart, making them fall in love with their own music genre. It has been a long journey for Munimuni and a long wait as well, but they’ve made their first concert a dream come true for everyone.

It was a night to remember! This is what we’ve been all waiting for and time and time again, Munimuni knows how to deliver such a wonderful performance.

Everyone is happy to be part of the journey of Munimuni. From their first gig with a small audience and now, right at the Music Museum with a huge crowd!

Songs that made us cry…

With ‘Tahanan’, it reminded us over and over again, that we’re never alone and we always have a home, in someone’s arm, either be it family, friends or our significant other. We’ve seen guys shed a tear or two but we ain’t telling who!


Hanggang dito na lamang 
Ang iyong mga luha 
Tama na 
Tahan na 

On the other hand, ‘Marilag’ gave us major chills as the crowd sang along with the band. We’ve felt the power and inspiration from this song. Definitely one of our fight songs when things aren’t doing so well in life!


hindi maitatago, hindi maikukubli 
ang mundo ay binabalot 
ng iyong pagbangon muli

With their guest performers too!

Of course, we can’t forget Munimuni’s special guests who added magic to the night.

Reese Lansangan swooned everyone, melting us with the wonderful performance with Munimuni. Their rendition of ‘For the Fickle’ together with Reese, was one of the saddest songs of the night. Hearts were melting during the song performance!

Don’t forget, Clara Benin and Keiko Necesario was also there! A perfect mix that spiced up the night as well. They were surely too much for just one night! All worth it!

Meet and greet at the backstage!

These guys are so lucky to get some selfies with Munimuni and guest performers as well.

“I am” vs “I have”: Munimuni’s take on mental health

But this is what really hit us right in the hearts. John Owen Castro, Munimuni’s flutist, talked about his mental health condition. For those of us who have troubles with their mental health, Owen helped us with on how to, little by little, accept it and embrace it and move on. It was an eyeopener for everyone in the local music scene. Kudos to Owen and Munimuni for that!

That’s Munimuni, everyone!

We’re definitely having sepanx just before the curtain called. The night has to end but the music is still there, in the Music Museum and in our hearts. Munimuni gave us an inspiring and magical night. Their music was the music that helped us get through a rough day and lifted us towards self-love. This is just the first and we’ll be waiting for the next of Munimuni to come.

We are just so proud to see Munimuni Concert and we’re not over it yet. Munimuni left a mark in our hearts and this is just the beginning. Munimuni’s just starting to rock the whole local music scene. Get ready for more of them!

Having intense #PDC? Listen to Munimuni’s tracks now!

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