Amazing singer Marcelito Pomoy at The Ellen Show wowed everyone with his immense talent!

Marcelito “Mars” Pomoy has been known in the country for his ability to sing with ease and such talent in both tenor and soprano. Because of his explicit talent, the world got to see Marcelito Pomoy at The Ellen Show!

The Ellen Show is a famous variety talk show known all over the globe and is hosted by none other than Ellen DeGeneres. Mars Pomoy was invited to the show and got the chance to show the world his amazing talent.

Haven’t seen the episode? Well you better do because this is some Pinoy pride right here!

You probably know Marcelito Pomoy as the winner of the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. But most of us know him simply because of his immense talent! Singing is one thing, but being able to do so in a superb manner through both tenor and soprano is a whole different thing!

Tenor is the singing voice between baritone and alto or countertenor, the highest for the adult male range. Soprano, on the other hand, is the highest vocal range for female. And yup, you understood that right, Mars Pomoy can sing wonderfully in both male and female voices!

How talented this Filipino singer truly is when he can easily sing a male-female duet with ease, right? Being recognized internationally is absolutely a well-deserve for this one!

More international invites!

After performing Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s classic, ‘The Prayer’ at The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres arranged for Mars Pomoy to meet the singer Celine Dion!

It’s definitely blessings after blessings for this talent as Marcelito Pomoy is set to watch Celine Dion’s concert at Las Vegas and meet her backstage!

What a very inspiring individual this Filipino talent is!

Pinoy Pride!

And of course, the Filipinos are very proud of this Pinoy talent. Everyone’s expressing their awe and happiness towards the singer.

But Mars Pomoy made us even more proud!

Marcelito Pomoy just had to make us even more proud than we already are when he chose to speak in the Filipino tongue. With him during The Ellen Show interview was a translator.

It’s not everyday that we get to hear our very own language in international shows, right? So thank you Marcelito Pomoy for making your country proud in all aspects!

And to top it off, here’s another video performance from Mars Pomoy’s guesting at The Ellen Show, this time singing both parts of ‘Beauty and The Beast’!

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