Kygo Live In Manila 2018 was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Thursday night was the long-awaited Kygo Live In Manila 2018, for the Kids In Love tour. And we all sang our hearts out and our voices off. By now we’re all nursing our sore throats and aching feet, but it was all worth it!

An extremely hyped-up event with all the free tickets and all the re-sellers, Kygo’s tour was blast! Who wouldn’t want to see the live show? With Kygo’s epic music and the stunning LED display, mix it all up with all your fellow fans singing along in unison then you’ve got a perfectly dreamy EDM world.

Good news for those who missed the show— SURPRISE! We’ve got you a coverage of the entire show. Enjoy!

Whether you missed it or not, you’re welcome to watch Kygo with us, right here.

Kygo fans tweet non-stop:

Kygo being the main man of the show appeared at the stroke of midnight. uznfortunately for fans who got in earlyIf you’re a hardcore fan, then you would do whatever it takes to prove it! Luckily for this fan, she

Don’t you just love the colors? What an awe-inspiring show!

Mellow moments with Kygo.

Apparently, Kygo wasn’t the only center of attention yesterday. Local celebrity couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre were seen among the crowds. Aw!

Looks like this Jadine fan has a Kygo hangover!

Another ecstatic fan. Yeepee!

Sounds like this Kygo experience could be one of the highlights of our youth! Check this ‘Ate‘ out. She’s had quite a lot of fun.

Of course we won’t have Kygo Live In Manila recap without sharing a Spotify set list. Here you go!

We’re absolutely blessed to have been able to get the opportunity to to be part of Kygo Live In Manila and we’re hoping to see you again soon!

Did you have an awesome Kygo Live In Manila experience? Who do you think should we go see next? Leave us a comment on  Facebook, or tweet us @UDoUPh.