Having a post concert disorder over Khalid Live in Manila? Don’t worry, we feel you! That’s why we have here for you the react recap that you need!

Khalid Donnel Robinson popularly known as just Khalid took Manila by storm just this November 2 in his American Teen Tour. And we can say in confidence that Khalid Live in Manila was truly a night of love, laughter, magic, and of course, music.

This American singer-songwriter definitely wowed his Filipino fans with his popular hits such as ‘Young Dumb & Broke,’ ‘Love Lies,’ and ‘OTW.’

From the very beginning, Khalid has had a very personal connection to the Philippines right down to regularly enjoying meals at the all-time favorite Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee!

Khalid truly has an inner Filipino in him, don’t you think?

The American Teen Tour in Manila

We bet you’re excited to talk about #KhalidLiveinManila. So without further ado, here are our top takeaways from Khalid’s American Teen Tour!

James Reid was super awesome at their opening act!

Yes, you read that right! James Reid, together with the whole Careless Music Manila crew really did perform as the opening act for Khalid’s concert. Their performance was a spectacular start for the night, leaving the fans wanting more!

Careless Music Manila’s performance was just the tip of the iceberg!

Khalid wearing DBTK!

Ever heard of the hot and trippy clothing line called “Don’t Blame The Kids” or simply DBTK? Well, Khalid surely did as he was wearing one of their shirts during his concert!

Not only did Khalid gave his fans an unforgettable night filled with amazing performances—but he even showed his support towards youth entrepreneurship and hard work through this clothing brand.

Khalid enjoying some Jollibee (again!)

Yep, seems like someone is addicted to Jollibee just like we are! Because Khalid just had to eat some before the concert:

An inspiration to his fans

Khalid is not just a world-class artist—he is a hope and an inspiration to all of his fans.


You’re not really a good artist if you haven’t inspired and touched hearts, don’t you agree? Because it’s pretty obvious that Khalid is able to do just that!

But wait, we have more for you!

What’s even a react recap without snippets of the concert right? Fret no more! Whether your #PCD is attacking or you’re crying somewhere out there for missing out on an amazing night, we’d love to give a bit of the concert to you!

Khalid singing ‘Eastside’

This is definitely one for the books! #KhalidLiveinManila

And to top it off…

Khalid singing to his hit song ‘Young, Dumb & Broke’ surely got the fans all crazy!


Definitely an amazing night, wasn’t it? Khalid absolutely earned a special spot in the Filipino hearts. We just can’t wait any longer for him to come back!

How about you? What’s your favorite part of night? Did you attend Khalid Live in Manika? Share your thoughts and happy moments with us in the comment section below! Or hit us up on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph! We’d love to hear about your experiences!