Kawitfest Music Festival was filled with magic as our favorite bands captivated us on a night that’s definitely one for the books!

Kawitfest Music Festival as presented by Dauntless Manila was truly a wonderful night of music. Favorite OPM bands December Avenue, Munimuni, I Belong To The Zoo, and This Band serenaded their fans last Saturday, November 3.

Weren’t able to head off to Buffed N’ Barbed, Cavite for this music-filled night? No worries, we’re bringing Kawitfest Music Festival to YOU through this react recap right here!

The React Recap you need!

Kawitfest Music Festival surely was an incredible night. No doubt about that because hello! Everyone’s talking about how amazing the music festival was up until now! So hop on board because we really need to talk about this event with you.

Right from the looongggg line…

And to finally hearing the much-awaited bands!

The wait sure is worth it cos you’d be able to hear such fine quality music from four amazing OPM bands and other talented artists, right?

We have Issa Rodriguez:

Damn, why is she breaking hearts? We definitely felt that!

And other amazing singers:


And finally off to This Band:

Missing out on This Band‘s set is definitely a bummer!

I Belong To The Zoo

Sana sinabi mo para di na umasang

May tayo pa sa huli

Ahhhh, the #hugot can really be felt amongst the crowd!


Munimuni‘s set was very special, don’t you think?

This OPM band truly etched their music in the hearts of the attendees!

December Avenue

And of course, who could forget December Avenue‘s performance?

December Avenue gave their fans one hell of a jamming session!

#DMKawitFest2018: A magical night

We think it’s definitely safe to say that Kawitfest Music Festival as presented by Dauntless Manila is truly a magical night filled with music. From all of the talented performers to the very joyous crowd, this one is definitely one for the books!

How about you? Were you at the Kawitfest Music Festival? Or are you one of those who’d give everything just to experience that night of magic? Talk to us in the comment section below! Or feel free to message us on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph. We’d love to chat with you!