REACT RECAP: Karpos Live Mix 3.3

Karpos Live Mix 3.3, together with UDD and Cigarettes After Sex, is yet another showstopper! Truly a fantastic end for the Karpos Live!

Karpos Live Mix 3.3 is part of Karpos Multimedia’s Live Mix concert series, that is without no doubt, keeps on getting better and better. Cigarettes After Sex and UDD (formerly known as Up Dharma Down), with an opening act from Oh, Flamingo!, gave yet another heartbreak fest to everyone at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent last November 8.

Just before the year ends, Karpos Live dropped Karpos Live Mix 3.3 like it’s hot! Ending their 2018 Karpos Live Mix concert series was indeed the “perfect mix”. The concert series has been much-awaited by the fans of both bands. And with the year entering its conclusion, Karpos Live Mix delivered a chill and dreamy end.

Fans from all over the Metro, even those from farther North and South exerted so much effort just to see Cigarettes After Sex and UDD live. And some were even lucky to meet them in person. How cool is that?

These lucky guys got to meet and greet their favorite bands and take pictures with them. How lucky… we are just so jealous!

Oh, Flamingo back at Karpos Live!

Oh, Flamingo! jump starts Karpos Live Mix 3.3 and gets everyone dancing with dreamy yet catchy songs. An up-and-coming indie alternative rock band, Oh, Flamingo! has garnered a lot of attention for the past few months and they definitely deserve this break!

You just can’t get enough of Oh, Flamingo! once you’ve heard of them!

UDD is in the house!

Armi and the band have always been an unsung legend in the OPM scene. Even though they went back to their roots, doing gigs around the Metro, everyone is still looking up to them. No wonder UDD was one of the main acts for the concert and received the warmth and love they deserve.

And let me tell you, they headlined the concert with a full set of songs! How’s that for a headline?

UDD is best known for their relatable songs about love and loss through synth pop. Among UDD’s famous songs are crowd-favorite ‘Tadhana,’ ‘Oo,’ and ‘Indak.’ You’ll surely fall in love over and over again with Armi’s cool voice mixed with their amazing synth pop instrumentals.

Cigarettes After Sex in Manila!

And for the first time ever, Cigarettes After Sex graces the Philippine stage! The trio, lead by Greg Gonzalez, Jacob Tomsky, and Randall Miller, is making names for them with their ambient pop and dreamy style. Considered as a slowcore and a dream pop, Cigarettes After Sex left everyone at the Vertis Tent wanting for more.

The crowd went wild with their hit songs, singing along with the band. They have definitely captured the hearts of a lot of fans with their songs of love, pain, and longing. Even though they have a soft and slow vibe to them, they gave a night of chill to remember for everyone.

#KarposLive Mix 3.3, that’s a wrap, guys!

It has been a roller coaster of a ride for Karpos Live and the release of the last show of the concert series, Karpos Live Mix 3.3 is a helluva success! It was a dreamy music of love and loss but was surely a blast.

UDD plus Cigarettes After Sex is the exact formula for a heartbreak fest that everyone’s waiting for. We’ll all be waiting for the next set of Karpos Live Mix series next year!

Still in hyped? Lucky enough to meet and greet the bands? Let us know what you think about Karpos Live Mix 3.3 on the comment section below! Or drop us a line on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph. We’d be happy to talk to you!

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