REACT RECAP: Karpos Live 2.2 Recap

Karpos Live 2.2 recap time! From Clara Benin, Munimuni, and Ben&Ben, this leg of Karpos Live was everything any OPM lover could ever ask for, especially for the fans of the mentioned bands. And we’ve got the only recap you’ll ever need!

You read that right this is the Karpos Live 2.2 recap for you! With all the fresh tracks and amazing performances from that night, we can’t not  have one for this particular Karpos Live show. So whether you have an extreme case of PCD (post-concert depression) or you weren’t able to catch the show, we got you.

And we won’t only talk about the highlights of the show, but also feature some of the best photos and videos for this Karpos Live 2.2 recap from, who else but, Y-O-U!

Yep, we think you guys captured this best, and to start off this Karpos Live 2.2 recap, here’s a video from one of the main acts of that night. Here’s a BRAND NEW song from Ben&Ben called Balik-Balikan as captured by you!

This song is about family. This song is about all the OFWs, and for people who want to chase their dream but have to leave some things behind.

Itong kantang ‘to (this song right here), this is the song to your family na (that) one day, uuwi rin kayo sa’min (you’ll come home to us too).

— Paolo Guico

Oh, Paolo. You got us from your very first sentence. What a way to start this Karpos Live 2.2 recap!

And as promised, here are some of our favorite highlights from you guys.

From the night’s front act

Here’s Munimuni giving you some of their best tracks.

To Clara Benin’s sweet, sweet set

That accompanying dance is everything!

And to the way Ben&Ben captures the crowd *swoon*

Sometimes, this collective’s music really is all we need.

You guys really captures this Karpos Live’s performances well

And this Karpos 2.2 recap would never be as good without you

And let’s not forget this MIND BLOWING COLLAB!

#3B #BenBenBenin #BeninBen

#BeninBen Performance

These artists have been teasing about this collab for the longest time, that we even wrote about it right here. And we’re sure you had the time of your lives finally seeing it live!

You guys really did capture this night the best!

And we can’t thank you enough for sharing your best memories with us. *group hug*

Let us know what you think about the show and this Karpos Live 2.2 recap! Would you like to add more photos and videos from your own posts? Leave a comment below, or better yet send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!

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