If you can’t get enough from grinning because you went last night at Prom The Streets, here’s a little recap for you to relive your unforgettable experience at Conspiracy Garden Cafe!

Image Credit: Allen Estrada

Last night was probably the best night for some who attended the event organized by The Busking Community. There were fancy and gorgeous nightgowns, formal tuxedo and of course, the music artists who busked with love and had fun during the event. 

The participants were a bit shy at first but when there’s a few who grabbed the opportunity to the dance in the middle, and the music became louder than the city noise, many sweetly waltzed on the floor.

Image Credit: Allen Estrada

Busking With Love

The first act of the event were the members from The Busking Community PH comprised by Mush, Ella Belenzo, Kenneth Reodica, Raf Bernardino, Tom Tagra, Jami, Gab, Miko Fontanilla, Dainstu Yyam, Jayzen Cruz, Abi Skye. To tell you, these guys are the ones who bravely busks at P.Noval in Manila and last night, you can see them serenading the participants as they wore their hearts on their sleeves.

Image Credit: Allen Estrada

A few moments after they started the program, Martin Riggs came and made the party even more exciting. He also performed with one of the buskers, Sabrina Manansala with some of Ed Sheeran’s love songs. Later on, he took the stage alone and performed his single, ‘Langit At Dagat that made the ladies and gents to dance along. At some moment, he also joined the members of TBCPH in middle afterward to have fun and totally seize the night.

Swaying In the Rhythm

While everyone is having fun, Arthur Nery along with Martin, came on the stage and romantically serenaded us. With his soothing voice, some of the participants continually fell in love at the moment and slowly dance in the middle. But some fell head over heels for him and stopped from dancing to listen and sway in the rhythm. The rising artist from Cagayan De Oro who became an artist under O/C Records sang ‘ILSB’ by Lany, ‘Rainbow’ by South Border and ‘Cotton Candy’ from his album, Letter Never Sent.

More so, to make their fans kilig last night, both of the music artist enticed the participants to dance with them. Yes, you’ve read it right, Martin and Arthur sweetly waltzed their feet in middle together with the ladies from the audiences.

Of course, the sweet serenading didn’t stop from the two of them. Keiko Necessario, Jem Cubil, and Aly Remulla made the night even more soulful and totally entertained the participants with their calming voices. The music artists danced as well in the middle— merrily talked to their fans, and let them have some photographs too.

And what’s a Prom without the ‘King and Queen of the Night’ right? A lot of us didn’t know that TBCPH picked their top three and let the audiences voted for their choices. However, having the loudest applause became overrated these days that’s why they invite to chant our bet with the most silent response in the crowd.

Too ironic but with wit, right? It turns out, the two gorgeous participants below won last night.

The Last Dance

To close and wrapped the Prom Night, Alyssa and Eugene Layug showcased their talent and made the participants have heaps of fun after midnight. With their witty written songs and peculiar voices, they eventually made us jump in our heels and sing along with them at the top of our lungs. More so, Martin Riggs took the stage again and thanked everyone who support their event and he invited also everyone to have a group photo at the latter part of the event.

We can honestly say that this is one of the best proms ever and we cannot wait for another Prom like this!

Bet that you really missed Prom The Streets but you can also support The Busking Community PH by joining them with their advocacy which is to normalize busking in our country. In line with that, you can follow them on their social media accounts and keep updated for their announcements!

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