Who doesn’t know about this news? IV of Spades opens for #PanicAtTheDiscoMNL! Yep, this was just last Saturday at MOA Arena, and we are still not over it!

In fact, we’ve rounded up all your IV of Spades Opens for #PanicAtTheDiscoMNL, or dare we say, IV of the Disco, posts! And you can relive it with us right here!

Let’s start off with a YouTube video from you guys! Here’s the boys of IV of Spades performing ‘Mundo‘, as they open for Panic! at the Disco:

Damn, how is this only a warm up for the concert? This performance is a concert in itself. And we are just so #BLESSDT to have talented artists like this in the Philippines!

Of course, as IV of Spades opens for #PanicAtTheDiscoMNL they didn’t only play this song. And we have your photo snippets from one of the best front acts ever down below!

But first,

here are the boys’ post about opening for Panic!

Plus here’s a short clip Blaster posted on his Twitter

Yep, this one’s about meeting Brendon Urie! Look at ’em fanboying (especially Zild, hihi)! Awwwww. #JustLikeUs

And their rather famous photo with Brendon!

(Looks like Zild finally found his calm when they took this photo!)

As promised, we also have YOUR IV of Spades Opens for #PanicAtTheDiscoMNL right here!

Definitely proud of our boys!

Oh, these IV of the Disco boys!

Wait, who?

Hey, Blaster! Looks like someone had a…

Who said that?

Same, girl!


So, how about you guys? Is this IV of Spades Opens for #PanicAtTheDiscoMNL recap enough? Or do you want more? Let us know in the comment section below!

Actually, if you have more IV of Spades Opens for #PanicAtTheDiscoMNL photos and videos, you can send ’em right over so we can post ’em for you right here! Just send us a message on Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. You know we love talking to you guys!