We clap our hands for Devices PH as they took home the victory for the Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands!

We know you have been waiting for this news with your fingers crossed, and here it is! The 5-piece competed alongside the bands Alyson, Indayo, Bandido, Blind Stereo Moon, She’s Coming Home, LaLuna, and Elise Huang in a tight battle last April 6, 2019, at Route 196 where they and Blind Stereo Moon emerged as the last two finalists. Devices brought the bacon home!

Those are some bright smiles right there! Through a post on Twitter, the band thanked all the people who supported them through the competition.

Devices PH

Devices PH is made up of Austin Tan on vocals and rhythm guitar, Arik Gatchalian on lead guitar, Andrea Ramos on the synth, Enzo Alampay on percussions, and Jacob Ferrer on bass. They have been active since 2016, gracing us with creative indie-new wave music through their songs. They released their first single, ‘Flowers’, in April 2016. And just last year, they released their debut EP called ‘The Element of Surprise’. We have loved Devices for their unique sound! Influenced strongly by raw emotions, their writing style is sure to tug at your heartstrings when you listen to their songs.

Well-deserved trophy

While we all had our bets in the Red Ninja Year 10 Battle of the Bands, I think we can all agree that Devices’ victory was well-deserved. They put in a lot of work in their craft and are really exceptional artists.

Because of this, the band won a slot to perform at Red Ninja Year 10, the production outfit’s annual birthday celebration! They’ll get to play alongside Dicta License, Severo, The Itchyworms, Munimuni, Clara Benin, and so much more on May 4 and 5 at The Eye, Green Sun. I mean, if these are the artists you get to perform with, I understand the need to compete for the slot. Devices PH also invites us all to watch them hit the big stage and have the time of their lives on the 4th of May to savor their success!

Way to go, Devices! We are happy about the band’s success! I’m sure everyone did great at the competition. Who was your pick? Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.