Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga was one of the most talked about videos on the first week of October—October third.

And like how any Mean Girl™ would know, October third is a very special day. Coincidentally, the Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga vlog tour was posted on Youtube on the same day.

It was yet another hit vlog for the Gonzaga sister, but she might’ve over did it in the spirit of Mean Girls™. ‘Cause we’re not just talking about the Cady kinda Mean Girl—she went full-on Regina George on this one. Or at least, that’s what you guys are saying in your reactions.

In this video, ‘Cubao Expo by Alex Gonzaga’, the TV star visits the shops one by one and mingles with everyone. And that’s cool and all, but you guys had a lot to say about the video too. ‘Cause just as her vlog was posted, it has gained loads of different reactions from the netizens nationwide worldwide.

Want to see what the fuss is all about? We got the complete video for you to see for yourself.

The comments section is a place where everyone can express their reactions towards any posted content. It’s a free world, after all.

We mean, there is always a divide between people when it comes to feedback. And as promised, we’ve got YOUR comments on the above video right here.

Others acknowledged her effectivity as an influencer and promoter.

And we guess some of you were simply entertained by her humor. #MeanGirl™Karen

But some netizens were more focused on the topic.

We guess this one’s #MeanGirl™Gretchen.

Although while others were pleased, some went #MeanGirl™ReginaGeorge *shock emoji*on her

Yep, you guys were quick to point out the parts of the video which were just —not fetch.

#MeanGirl™Tweets or not, these trending topics always leave a trail of lessons that we all have to learn from. And it’s always helpful to have people around to guide us. And we hope you’ve all learned something from this, just as we did.

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