Coke Studio is back at it again! As Coke Studio Campus Roadshow goes to Intramuros, the bands bring us back to our historical roots.

Last November 19, Coke Studio Campus Roadshow goes to Intramuros, the heart of Manila. The serenaded the audience with the Ben&Ben, Lola Amour, Martin Riggs, and other homegrown artists. It was a magical musical night under the moonlit sky!

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Over the past year, Coke Studio has been on the move to make OPM great again. They have produced the best music and introduced the best artists that we’ve grown to love. Names like Reese Lansangan, Ebe Dancel, Autotelic, Clara Benin and Ben&Ben are just a few names they’ve showcased in their tv show. Who would have thought they’d reach such heights?

With the success of Coke Studio, they’ve branched out their own roadshow: Coke Studio Campus Roadshow. And they’ve definitely hit a home run with this one! The show did not only featured the OPM in today’s time but also bridged likeminded people. Coke has defined music and making relationships at the same time.

Coke Studio is at it! They’re not only giving happiness through Coke but also through the music we love,

Coke Studio at Intramuros

The lineup for the campus roadshow was superb! The homegrown acts gave us the best melodies and serenaded us all throughout the night. Every performance gave us goosebumps and moved our hearts! Everyone was waiting for this and it was all worth it!


As usual, the ‘Kathang Isip’ hit-makers received warm love from everyone! We never get tired of hearing them sing their best songs. We are in too deep with Ben&Ben.

They got us belting to ‘Home’ and it was stuck in our heads until we got home!

Lola Amour

The 2017 Wanderband Champs are rising to the top! They gave an amazing performance with their own rendition of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valery’ had us dancing!

They even sang their very own ‘Sanity’ that will be released next year! They’re definitely a band to watch out for!

Some guys are able to take dope pictures with them! Sweet!

Martin Riggs

If you don’t know this guy yet, then you better listen to him! Martin Riggs is yet another name that we’ll be watching out for. His soulful voice brings emotions to melodies and we swooned during his performance. He’s known for performing in the bustling streets and people who’ve seen him perform supported him that night. Awww!

Any Name’s Okay

And the 5-piece band, Any Name’s Okay showcased their music and wowed the audience. Sharing their songs, Any Name’s Okay is out there capturing hearts!

Aside from them, Sofa Sky and Granny Lee were also there. They were great additions to the roadshow with their harmonic performances. Coke Studio really gave us a night to remember with our friends and loved ones. The happiness shared brought by the music was astounding and we know it for sure that this is not the last of them we’ll see.

Were you able to witness as Coke Studio Campus Roadshow goes to Intramuros? Which acts did you enjoy the most? Share us your experiences in the comments section below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.