Whether you’ve seen the film already or not, the ‘Call Me By Your Name in Concert’ was a truly phenomenal experience that you should’ve witnessed!

Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Call Me By Your Name’ was a wonderfully crafted book-to-movie adaptation. Unfortunately, its movie screening in the Philippines came and left real quick—but fret not. Because the ‘Call Me By Your Name in Concert’ gave the people a chance to watch the film come alive in the big screen once again and much more!

What was so special about this #CMBYNinConcert?

Film concerts are not yet a regular form of entertainment and practice in the country. But film concerts have the capability to amplify the beauty of the film being viewed through a live performance of its movie soundtrack.

Can you hum to the very famous tracks and movie intros of Harry Potter, Star Wars, or even James Bond? Imagine watching those on the big screen while an orchestra actually performs its OST in the same room with you! That’s the kind of experience that #CMBYNinConcert presented just this October 28 at the Samsung Hall.

Beautifully crafted as the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is, this concert film intensified the quality. And we’re sure everyone who was there to witness it were captivated by The Manila Symphony Orchestra’s performance. Ad we’re sure their symphony brought even more life and reignited the movie’s soundtrack.

A whole new experience for everyone

True enough, film concerts are not a usual thing for Filipinos. Sure, we go to a lot of concerts and orchestras, and watch a lot of movies in the theater. But it’s not everyday that we get to have both in just one show!

And because react recaps are all about you, let’s see what #CMBYNinConcert got you saying!

From the excitement and the brewing anticipation…

And to finally having a post (film) concert disorder! #PCD (Or is it now #PFCD?)

Seems like you guys had an experience of a lifetime, didn’t you? And of course, what’s a react recap without a video of the concert right?

Here’s ‘Futile Devices’ in orchestra during the #CMBYNinConcert

After this #CMBYNinConcert, we’re hoping that more film concerts like this will come our way.

Orchestra performances definitely gives richer quality and more intensity to such movies and its soundtrack—just like what the attendees witnessed in the ‘Call Me By Your Name in Concert.’ Plus, we’d love to see more from The Manila Symphony Orchestra, of course!

But if you weren’t able to attend the film concert, we suggest you to rewatch ‘Call Me By Your Name’, and pay more attention to their soundtracks.

So let us know, did you get to watch the ‘Call Me By Your Name in Concert’? What do you think of having more film concerts in the country? And most of all, which movie would you want to see in such setting? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would love to hear from you!