RECT RECAP: How Filipinos captured the A1 Reunion (Philippine Tour) 2018

The sold out A1 Reunion (Philippine Tour) 2018 happened this October 23-25, an we are all over your posts on social!

You guys seemed to really have so much fun in this A1 Reunion (Philippine Tour) 2018. And we can’t blame you ’cause it’s been 15 long years since these boy were back! And we are with you in fangirl (and fanboying) for this British-Norwegian heartthrobs!

And to hype you guys up for this #REACTRECAP, here’s the boys’ opening number for their first day in Manila!

Are you ready?

And of course we have more footage of moments with these boys! And of course, like #REACTRECAP, these are all from you guys!

Here are some of your social posts about the  A1 Reunion (Philippine Tour) 2018!


What a perfect photo!

Basically, as long as these boys are together, we think it’s P E R F E C T!

Thank you for these snippets!

We may or may not still playing them on repeat.

Happy birthday, you!

And thank you for sharing this moment with us! It really helped make our YEAR.

Did you see this, Davao?

Oh, these boys.

Wow, what a shot!

And look at his face! *swoon*

From Manila, Davao, and all the way back to Cebu! These boys really went around the whole country to reminisce the 20 years of A1 with Filipino fans.

Here’s another video of the boys from the first day of their Manila show! (Check below for the transcription of what they had to say to their Filipino fans.)

Mark: It is so, so good to be back here in…Manila. So good to be back here in the Philippines. And we would like to welcome all of you to the A1 20th Anniversary Reunion Tour!

Christian: This is the first reunion in 15 years. Time sure flies, you know, you’d think? …you must’ve been like, 8 years old, at least? And it’s been a few years, and we’re going to go down memory lane together. 

Paul: Hello Manila! Hello again…now we’re gonna play one of our favorite songs…This is the first song where we actually worked together…it means a lot to me. This is One More Try.

Wow, this concert really felt like a dream! And we cannot wait for the next A1 Reunion (Philippine Tour).

So, how about you guys? Were you guys part of the A1 Reunion (Philippine Tour) 2018? And would you like us to post your photos and videos too? Let us know in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message in our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh! We’d love ti include those photos for you.

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