REACT RECAP: Here’s why we were ‘MOVED’ by MOVEMENTS in Manila

After their sold out show, Movements SHOOK the grounds of 123 Block, Mandaluyong! And we’re sure that for fans, their September 9, performance was UNforgetable. And we know that you need this Movements in Manila RECAP!

In fact, we have the evidence from the fans themselves. Here’s your take on Movements in Manila: a recap by you!

We had such a BLAST watching you guys!

And we didn’t just ‘FEEL SOMETHING’, we felt ALIVE!


Thank you for all your posts that help us relive last Sunday!


Hands up for Patrick, Ira, Spencer, and Austin performing one hell of a show! 


It’s insane when we remember just listening to them on our phones, and now we’ve had the privilege to see them live! Just the thought of being just inches away from our idols can give us the CHILLS

And can we just talk about how DOBREV played on the opening?

Witnessing our favorites jam in one night is just awesome!

This is total post-concert depression! We just know that we’re gonna have MOVEMENTS in Manila HANGOVER for daaaaaaays. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to jam with you at Movements Live in Manila through your posts! Fingers crossed, they’ll come back soon.

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