You are probably wondering how the #PurposeTourManila became a trending topic over at Twitter? Is it real?

Well, all of this speculations started with this Instagram post:

Beliebers are on the hunt for official announcements from Justin Bieber or the best concert producers in the country. Now here are the things that the Filipino fans have found out!

1. Purpose Tour in Manila will PROBABLY happen in September

Or in the first week of September this fan believes (that’s some deep investigation going on!)

2. It will PROBABLY be produced by MMI LIVE

Ms. Rhiza Pascua (@itsarpee) from MMI Live have actually responded to Tim Yap’s “announcement” and, fam, we were shookt!

3. It’s MOST LIKELY true, fam!

First of all, you might want to follow them event organizers and promoter  because their hints have got us all hooked like,

Update! It’s happening:

It’s really happening.


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