Summer Sky – the on Campus DJ Contest had its launch just this June 2, 2018 at South’s premiere night pub (Stoned Bar & Grill). If you missed it out don’t worry just go to this link right here and read up all about its goodness.

Summer Sky’s Campus DJ Battle Contest pits the best aspiring DJs in a competition that values technical skill as much as the ability to thrill a dance floor. Competitors are judged on AfterParty’s platform with the criteria being the crowd reaction.  Seeing as the winner is decided by who gains the highest votes.  To determine their ability, they are given just 15 minutes each to prove that they’re the best in the room. The crowd as a judge will be the ultimate  test to their aspiring hopes, they will see who thinks they’ve got what it takes to pursue DJing.  Voting will start on June 1 and end on June 8, let us check who will win the people charm!

We all know that EDM’s music is mainly built on how the crowd would respond to their rhythm; so will the contest itself as it generated a voting system for the qualified campus DJ’s to battle it out (not only behind the deck – but, more importantly on a social voting platform!)

All they have to do to win and join their idols into the amazing line-up is to invite as many friends as they can to vote for them by gaining points through our unique point system. They just have to share the unique generated invite link and as soon as their friends download using that link, they’d get points! As easy as that! One unique download equates to one point! Most votes will win and will be in the roster of the amazing DJ line-up we have for Summer Sky with a Php 5,000 Cash Bonus!

The Contenders

Jia Meneses

“Empowering the youth with my own vibrations.”

Ivan Manalang

“Always a student”

Alvin Aguirre

“Time is Gold”

Stanley Villanueva

“Never stop learning”

Alfred Lim

“Who dares wins”

Jan Christian Cascaro

“Less is more”

Wrapping it all up. All I can say is that equally all of them has what it takes to be the Summer Sky’s DJ winner. They are unequivocally talented individuals with varying creativity and inspirations. Mashed together? Let’s just say that the end ended with a bang. A definite one page down on the good books!

Support your favorite DJ contender

Saw one that you fancy? well, just vote for them. Simply click on their unique invite link and download the AfterParty App. That Simple! More downloads equals more votes! they have till June 8 to garner as much votes as they can!

And we will catch you on the biggest Summer Music festival in the south! Set your calendars to June 9, 2018 for Summer Sky’s Music Festival at the University of Perpetual Help (Molino Campus)